The next step up from lane departure warning, lane keep assist is an autonomous driving feature. It kicks in if the vehicle begins to stray out of lane markings without an indicator being switched on.

A lane departure feature triggers seat vibration or an alarm if the vehicle starts to stray. In comparison, lane keep assist goes one step further. If unanticipated movement out of the lane is detected, the vehicle's steering wheel moves automatically. This corrects the change in direction. In some vehicles, the brakes are automatically applied to bring the vehicle back into the correct position.

Part of many autonomous safety packages, lane keep assist provides a powerful aid to occupant safety. Here we list seven vehicles that can be purchased with a lane keep assist feature.

1. Isuzu D-Max

This is a powerful ute that ranked as Australia's 11th best-selling vehicle in 2021. The Isuzu D-Max also won Drive's Car of the Year Award for "Best Dual-Cab Ute". It combines a 3.0l turbo diesel engine with advanced tech and a strong suite of safety features.

The result is a tough yet comfortable ute that can handle itself off-road. At the same time as having enough sophistication to work well in urban areas and on the road.

All D-Max specs are fitted with Isuzu's Intelligent Driver Assistant System (IDAS). This includes lane departure prevention (lane keep assist). It also includes lane departure warnings and an emergency lane-keeping feature.

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2. Polestar 2

Polestar 2 provides some stiff competition for the Tesla Model 3. Polestar 2 is an EV that combines superb driving performance with a generous driving range. If you opt for the dual motors variant, the car can travel up to 540km between charges.

Competitively priced at below 60K, the Polestar 2 is a cost-effective EV. It benefits from a range of advanced technological innovations. It's also got a well-engineered chassis and engine. This EV has a comprehensive suite of safety features that includes a Lane Keeping Aid (lane assistance) feature.

3. Hyundai Ioniq

When it was first released back in 2016, the Ioniq was a revolutionary concept for Hyundai. It was a vehicle designed from scratch for an electric motor. Now in its fifth iteration, this EV remains a practical, stylish SUV that has a focus on comfort and ease of use, as well as performance. Reviewers are particularly positive about the interior and exterior styling.

They also have plenty of praise for the second-row seating area. Features in the rear include pull-down sun blinds, charging points and plenty of storage space. These ensure that rear-row passengers have a pleasant experience.

Drivers can choose between the Dynamiq 2WD (160kW/350Nm) or the Techniq AWD (225KW/605Nm) engine. The ranges for these are 481km and 430km, respectively. Every Ioniq 5 comes with the Hyundai Smartsense suite of safety features as standard. This includes a Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) feature, as well as many other autonomous safety options.

4. Kia Seltos

The Seltos was introduced into the Kia lineup in 2019. It's a funky, stylish little SUV that benefits from some pretty good tech. The Seltos is Kia's second-best-selling car here, so it's clear that its blend of practicality, comfort and economy is an attractive one. Reviewers praise the Seltos' spacious cabin, particularly the amount of room in the rear. There's also a generously sized boot - a further advantage for drivers who want a family car.

Reviewers are impressed with the level of tech. This includes the 10.25" touchscreen in the top three variants. The Seltos also benefits from a SAT Nav multimedia system and Android Auto/Apple Carplay compatibility.

Lane Keep Assist is fitted as standard on all variants of the Seltos. Note that the basic, S, version doesn't have all the autonomous safety features that the pricier variants are equipped with. You will need to buy the next spec up to benefit from features such as Blindspot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCAA) or Lane Following Assist (LFA).

5. Mitsubishi Outlander

The Outlander is a large SUV that's designed to transport families in comfort. It's available either as a five-seater or seven-seater vehicle. Powered by a 2.5l petrol engine, there's the option of a plug-in hybrid on offer. Reviewers are appreciative of the quiet, spacious cabin and generously sized boot. Comments are also generally positive about the driving experience.

Some reviewers feel the Outlander is a little dull to drive, perhaps lacking a little power in comparison with others in its class. That said, the Outlander handles well and is comfortable to spend time in.

All variants of the Outlander enjoy Lane Departure Prevention. This feature includes a warning if the vehicle appears to be leaving the lane. Furthermore, the automatic application of the brakes brings the vehicle back between the lane markings.

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6. Mercedes Benz GLE

If you value understated elegance in a vehicle, the GLE could be with you. As you would expect from Mercedes, this SUV is beautifully styled and immaculately presented. Drivers can choose from three different engines, as well as a couple of AMG options that deliver more power.

Inside, drivers enjoy a display that's projected onto the windscreen. Besides, there's a 12.3" digital infotainment screen that's compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Mercedes Me Connect software enables drivers to complete a range of activities from their smartphones.

GLEs are fitted with the Mercedes driver assistance package. The package includes features such as Active Distance Assist, Active Brake Assist and Pre-Safe Plus. Pre-Safe Plus is a suite of autonomous actions that kick in to minimise passenger harm in the event that the vehicle senses an accident is imminent. All variants have Lane Keeping Assist as a standard feature.

7. Kia Stonic

The Stonic is a sporty little SUV that blends cheeky urban chic with some great tech. Drivers can choose between a nippy 1l turbo petrol engine (74kW/172Nm) or a standard 1.3l, 4-cylinder petrol engine (74kW/133Nm). The Stonic is an attractive, functional vehicle.

Benefiting from a suspension that's tuned to suit Australian roads, reviewers are positive about the driving experience, as well as the extras such as keyless entry, heated front seats and sports styling if you opt for the Sport variant.

There are three different Stonic variations on offer - the S, the Sport and the top-of-the-range GT line. All of these come with lane keep assist as standard.

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