Finance for Used Cars

At Only Cars, we're delighted to partner with Credit One to offer finance for used cars and used car loans. Credit One stands out in the realm of used car finance, offering competitive low-rate finance options across the entire range of Only Cars' vehicles, and is perfect for buying a new or used car. This partnership is designed to cater to both private buyers and sellers, ensuring that every transaction is backed by robust financial support, including personal loan options.

Credit One is acclaimed for its vast network, being accredited with more than 40 of Australia's elite financiers and insurers. This extensive affiliation allows us to present our valued clients with the most comprehensive array of finance and insurance products in the market, including unsecured loan options. Whether you're a private buyer eyeing a car from a private seller or dealer sale or seeking used car loans with competitive comparison rates private sale car loan options, Credit One's tailored solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.

Proudly sporting a 5-star rating from over 1800 Google Reviews, Credit One's reputation for excellence in providing solutions for Car finance is undisputed. By opting for Credit One through Only Cars, you're not just choosing financial ease and confidence, but also the assurance of transparent fees. Secure your finance online today or dial 1300 CREDIT (1300 273 348) to uncover the smarter way to finance your next used car.

Financing Options from Credit One

Credit One offers a range of financing options to suit your individual financial needs. Whether you're buying a new car or a used car, explore the range below and find the perfect option for your circumstances and credit history.

Secured Car Loans

Secured car loans provide a favourable financing option for those purchasing a vehicle, effectively serving private buyers, sellers, and individuals exploring finance for used cars. In this arrangement, the lender extends funds for the car purchase, usually on a fixed interest rate, with the vehicle itself serving as collateral for the loan. This setup not only enables buyers to secure the necessary funds but also offers lenders a safeguard, reducing the financial risk involved.

The process entails the buyer obtaining ownership of the car at the time of purchase, while the lender retains a lien on it as security until the loan is fully repaid. This security aspect typically results in a more attractive interest rate for the borrower compared to unsecured loans. Upon completion of the loan payments, the lender relinquishes their interest, granting the buyer clear title to the vehicle, thus making secured car loans a practical and secure option for financing a vehicle purchase.

Private Sale Car Loans

Private sale car loans from Credit One offer a specialised financing solution for buyers interested in purchasing vehicles from private sellers. Recognising the challenges that can arise when securing financing through traditional banks for private sales, Credit One's dedicated team steps in to bridge the gap. This approach not only facilitates the acquisition of vehicles through private transactions but also ensures competitive interest rates, mirroring the value found in these private deals.

With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, Credit One delivers an array of benefits including attractive rates, minimal fees, and flexible repayment plans, all backed by exemplary service. For those still in the search phase, Credit One collaborates with Only Cars to assist customers in finding the ideal vehicle at an unbeatable price. This comprehensive support makes private sale car loans through Credit One a convenient and efficient option for buyers looking to navigate the private vehicle market.

Chattel Mortgages

A chattel mortgage presents a tailored finance option for businesses looking to acquire vehicles, where the financier extends funds to facilitate the purchase. This type of arrangement allows the customer to take immediate ownership of the vehicle at the time of purchase, establishing a direct path to utilising the asset for business operations. The unique aspect of a chattel mortgage lies in the security arrangement; the financier places a mortgage over the vehicle, serving as collateral for the loan.

This security measure benefits the borrower by typically offering more favourable interest rates, reflecting the reduced risk for the lender. Once the agreement concludes and all payments are made, the mortgage over the vehicle is lifted, granting the business clear title to the vehicle. Chattel mortgages thus offer businesses a financially efficient and secure method to invest in their operational assets, aligning with their growth and operational strategies.

Finance Leases

A finance lease offers businesses a flexible and strategic approach to acquiring vehicles without the upfront capital expenditure. In this setup, Credit One purchases the vehicle on behalf of the business, which then leases the vehicle back at agreed-upon monthly rates for a specified term. This arrangement allows businesses to utilize essential vehicles while preserving cash flow and allocating resources more efficiently across operations.

Upon reaching the end of the lease term, businesses are presented with two options: either pay the residual value (a final instalment) to gain ownership of the vehicle, or opt to trade it in or refinance the residual value to extend the lease. This flexibility ensures that businesses can make the best decision based on their current financial situation and future needs, making finance leases a valuable tool for managing business assets and facilitating growth.

Novated Leases

Novated leasing has emerged as a compelling option for making Electric Vehicles (EVs) more accessible, thanks to new government initiatives aimed at affordability. A critical tool in this process is a reliable Novated Lease calculator, which helps potential lessees understand the impact of a vehicle lease on their take-home pay. This calculator offers immediate insights into the financial implications of leasing a vehicle up to a specific cost threshold, beyond which Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) considerations change.

Understanding the inputs and assumptions of any Novated Lease calculator is vital, as variations in estimating costs for charging (or fuel), tires, and maintenance can significantly affect the overall cost. Our calculator meticulously accounts for these expenses, including an annual allocation for vehicle charging, a detailed approach to tire costs based on driving habits, and a realistic budget for maintenance, with specific considerations for EVs which generally require less servicing.

Moreover, it factors in registration, insurance, and a unique finance structure designed to ease initial payments. The process concludes with understanding the residual value or balloon payment required at the lease's end, enabling more affordable monthly payments and potentially a higher-tier vehicle selection. This comprehensive approach ensures transparency and aids in making an informed decision about novated leasing.

Bespoke Financing That Matches Your Needs

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Navigate the complex world of used car finance with ease. Our expert team compares your financial needs against a vast panel of lenders, ensuring you find the perfect match for your unique situation, especially when considering private sale car loan options.

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With established relationships with over 40 of Australia's leading lenders, including exclusive banks not accessible to the general public, our selection caters to every private buyer and seller's needs.

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Our premium car finance solutions are crafted with your financial well-being in mind, featuring low initial fees, absence of ongoing charges, and competitive rates that outperform traditional banks. Tailored packages ensure you receive a finance solution that fits like a glove.

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No Waiting

Dive into your used car purchase with confidence, thanks to Credit One's 60-second online finance quotes and same-day approval process. Our straightforward, obligation-free online application streamlines your journey to ownership.

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Available seven days a week, our Finance Consultants are here to guide you through every step of the financing process. Reach out today at 1300 CREDIT (1300 273 348) or request a callback at your convenience.

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Our independent and unbiased advice guarantees that you're receiving the best possible finance solution tailored to you. This commitment to excellence has earned Credit One the title of "Broker of the Year" for three consecutive years.

Discover why Credit One is the smart choice for your used car finance needs. Get a quote today to discover our comparison rate and begin your journey toward owning the car you've always wanted, with financial solutions that understand and address your unique circumstances.

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