About Us

At OnlyCars, our mission is to make buying or selling your vehicle easy and affordable. Combining an extensive network of dealers, buyers and private sellers with low, one-time-only listing fees and in-house finance and insurance, OnlyCars offers a straightforward, one-stop solution to buying or selling your vehicle online.

Company History

While OnlyCars was launched in January 2021 our experience and history or helping connect car buyers with their dream cars goes way back.

OnlyCars was founded by the Credit One Group, one of Australia's largest and most trusted finance brokers. A fixture of the Australian auto scene since the late 1990s, the CreditOne Group spent decades operating right at the point of purchase, helping buyers get into cars both privately and by offering finance through the finance desk of hundreds of dealers nationwide.

Credit One has helped over 100,000 car buyers and this experience enabled them to identify the need for a better platform, one where both dealers and customers would get a fair price and could buy or sell their vehicles more easily and affordably than ever before.

In 2020 Cartopia was launched with this aim of simplifying car buying.

In 2023 Cartopia rebranded the Onlycars under the umbrella of the Only Sales Group, a collection of Australian classified sites that includes OnlyVans.com.au, OnlyAg, OnlyTrucks and more.

Since its launch, OnlyCars has become one of Australia's fastest-growing online marketplaces, attracting recording over $1.3 billion worth of cars sold in its first 9 months.

Who is OnlyCars For?

OnlyCars is for everyone! From private sellers to established dealers, first-time buyers and veteran car owners, OnlyCars is meant for all corners of the market, and is designed to make the process of buying or selling your vehicle simpler, faster and easier.

Whether Buying or Selling, Trust OnlyCars for Your Next Listing

No matter if you're an established dealer or a brand-new buyer, experience the ease of one-time fees and one of Australia's most extensive networks of qualified leads by starting your search with OnlyCars.

Trademark: 2348312 Only Cars is the registered trading name of Only Sales Limited ACN 658 905 189.

We Love Only Cars, because ...


Searching for a car just got easier. No more sifting through pages and pages of cars. No more having to contact multiple sellers.


Find the exact car you want today! Only Cars does all the hard work for you, finding you the perfect car.


Only Cars has access to cars as soon as they are for sale, saving you $thousands. Our system will help you find your perfect car!