Bigger (literally) and better for 2022, the Mitsubishi Outlander has undergone some exciting style changes for the new year.

Although it's still only available with a petrol engine, the hybrid is coming! Indications are that it should be available to customers later on in the year. Read on to discover our take on the new Outlander, and why we're tempted to make 2022 the year that our next SUV is a Mitsubishi!


As already mentioned, the Outlander has had an exterior and interior makeover. The result is styling that certainly turns heads, although whether that's for the right reasons depends on personal taste.

The Outlander comes with seven seats as standard. Note that the third row doesn't have the fixtures for car seats, so they're only suitable for occasional adult use.

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Exterior and interior

The Outlander's exterior is significantly different from the 2021 version. Longer and wider, it gives the appearance of being lower to the ground. The 2022 version is less "boxy" than last year's version, and also features a front end that's undergone some style revision. Exterior features include the option of two-tone exterior paintwork (on the Exceed Tourer). Owners also benefit from colour-coded lower bodywork, 20" alloys, auto lights and wipers.

Mitsubishi has gone to town on the interior, which makes good use of high-end materials and an attractive, spacious layout. Soft leather seats and accents give an upmarket twist that's always appealing.

Interior features available in the Exceed variant include digital screens for instruments and infotainment. There's the option of a panoramic sunroof, tri-zone climate control, wireless phone charging and Bose stereo. Also offered are second-row temperature control, vents and adjustable seats, and an electric tail lift. If you like a premium, well-equipped interior, the Outlander shines.

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At the moment there is only one engine available here - the petrol 2.5l naturally aspirated 4-cylinder. It delivers 125kw and 245Nm. This puts it ahead of close rivals such as the RAV4 in terms of power, but unfortunately, this doesn't translate into acceleration where it's needed. The engine can be driven in six different modes - normal, eco, tarmac, gravel, snow and mud. Each mode results in a slight variation of the Outlander's 4WD-based system, leading to optimal braking and stability in any conditions.

Reviewers have indicated they find the lack of sharp acceleration at low speeds a drawback, particularly when urban driving. Overall handling is rated highly, although the Outlander isn't the most exciting of drives.

If you want a little more clout at lower speeds, an option with a turbo engine (such as the Mazda CX-5 or the Skoda Kamiq) is probably going to be a better choice.

Fuel efficiency is around 8.1l/100km. This isn't too bad, but it is a significant increase from last year's figure of 7.1l/100km. The increase is largely due to the fact that the 2022 Outlander is significantly heavier than last year - the top-of-the-range Exceed Tourer weighs around 1760kg. In comparison, the 2021 Outlander weighed around 1525kg.

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There are five different variants of the Outlander for 2022 - the ES, LS, Aspire, Exceed and Exceed Tourer. Each has a different number of tech features. To really benefit from the selection of features on offer, drivers need to opt for the Exceed - the tech available in the ES is significantly less.


The Mitsubishi Outlander benefits from a good suite of autonomous tech that's available from the base variant upwards. Features include traffic sign recognition, lane departure prevention, adaptive cruise control, active traction control, anti-lock brakes and more.

It's worth mentioning that the two third-row seats aren't protected by curtain airbags.

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An entry-level 2022 Outlander will set you back about $41,490 (drive away). At the other end of the range, an Exceed Tourer will cost around $53,490 drive away.


- Stylish exterior and interior.
- Good suite of tech, especially in the pricier variants.
- Strong handling.
- 10-year warranty and ten years of capped price servicing.


- Reviewers aren't keen on the lack of acceleration or ride comfort.
- You need to buy one of the more expensive variants to get the worthwhile tech.

Final verdict

Mitsubishi have put considerable work into glamming up the Outlander's interior, and it shows. The cabin is beautifully appointed and the tech is on point. The vehicle also has seven seats, a reasonably roomy boot and comes with Mitsubishi's attractive ten-year warranty.

Those who like to drive are likely to be disappointed with the Outlander's performance in comparison with others in the class. There's also the concern over ride comfort that reviewers have raised. The need to invest in a higher-spec model before getting many of the features does enable users to customize their Outlander to their budget, but it's possible others in the class would offer more for your money.

In summary, the Outlander is a solid, dependable SUV with plenty of features and a seriously lovely interior, but the performance and driving experience may not suit all potential owners.

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Other options to consider

Kia Sorento

Arguably the most exciting change for the 2022 Kia Sorento line-up is the inclusion of a PHEV version. Although this drives up the price, it does make the Sorento incredibly fuel-efficient and eco-friendly.

The Sorento also benefits from some intriguing features. The in-car intercom, for example, mood lighting and a fast wireless phone charger. If hi-tech driving solutions are your passion, the Sorento could be for you.

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Toyota Rav4

In many ways, the 2022 Rav4 is very similar to the 2021 version - which is probably a good thing. Why change a vehicle that's such a perennial favourite? Spacious, well-equipped and with a reputation for comfort and performance, it's likely that the Rav4 will continue to dominate the mid-size SUV scene here in Australia.

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Subaru Forester

Competitively priced and with a good suite of equipment, the Forester offers excellent value. It's a good, all-around SUV that's spacious, well-equipped and very safe. With a fuel efficiency of around 7.4l/100km, it's less thirsty than the new Outlander. It's also available in a hybrid format for even greater economy. Reviewers also praise its off-road performance.

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