Are you a driver who prefers to spend more in order to benefit from the convenience, comfort, features and superior styling that only a luxury SUV can bring?

Owning a high-end SUV means there's no need to compromise on what's important to you. From little details to major considerations such as handling, safety and performance, a luxury SUV is going to give you more.

Prestige brands offer a wealth of different features you can add to your vehicle according to your personal taste. When perfection rather than "that will do" is your approach to choosing a vehicle, a luxury SUV is going to be a good choice.

Here we take a look at seven of the best luxury SUVs current on the market. We identify their strengths and reasons to look at investing in one of these superb options.

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1. Lexus NX 300h

This classy hybrid showcases Lexus' defining features. Understated styling combined with premium materials (take a look at the beautifully finished NuLuxe simulated leather upholstery, for example), results in a vehicle that has a classy, quiet and refined air. The nickel hydride battery augments the 2.5l 4-cylinder engine to provide a satisfying 258lb-ft of torque.

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Lexus is famous for its reliability - buy the NX 300h and you should be set to enjoy many years of trouble-free motoring.

Some reviewers aren't impressed by the way the infotainment screen works. They also point out that the luggage space isn't particularly large in comparison with others in its class. That said, exceptional safety, fuel efficiency and dependability (not to mention a breath-taking Mark Levinson sound system) result in a premium SUV that's a sound investment.

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2. Volkswagen Touareg

Winner of the 2021 Drive Car of the Year Best Large Luxury SUV category, if you want space, pace and comfort, the Touareg has got the lot! Don't be taken in by the somewhat staid, traditional exterior! Beneath the bonnet lurks parts culled from brands such as Porsche, Lamborghini and Audi - all members of the VW group.

Reviewers rave about the Touareg's towing and off-road capabilities.

For drivers who like adventuring in comfort (and whilst sitting on Savona leather upholstery), the Touareg is a strong choice. The 2l turbo V6 diesel engine delivers a reassuring 600Nm of torque and reviewers are quick to praise both handling and power.

Its safety and autonomous driving features are especially good. The Touareg is perfect for drivers who travel off-road as well as in an urban environment.

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3. Audi E-Tron

The E-Tron combines delicious Audi styling and performance with an environmentally friendly hybrid engine. The result is an awesomely attractive package.

The Audi E-Tron has managed to win over many hybrid sceptics. Reviewers point out that all the characteristics that make Audi great - strong performance, space, comfort and exceptional handling - are all present in the E-tron. It has the added benefit of electric power.

Whilst not the best for longer trips (its range between charges for the top-spec is about 400km, which may not be enough in more remote areas where charging stations are few and far between), as an urban option, the Audi is a fuel-efficient, luxury choice.

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4. Mercedes Benz GLB35

The best things come in little packages, which is why, when it comes to a high-end compact SUV, you can't do much better than the Mercedes Benz GLB35. Within its relatively modest dimensions, the GLB manages to seat six passengers and a driver in surprising comfort.

The GLB35 is praised by reviewers for its nippy handling, forgiving suspension and fun drive. These are all features that you wouldn't necessarily expect from a 7-seater). The GLB incorporates high-impact, futuristic interior styling. This enables it to offer an intriguing contrast to some of the more understated interiors in the luxury SUV class.

This vehicle offers an excellent driving experience. Passengers can expect safety, comfort and space.

If you've got a larger family and need an SUV that will seat them all the Benz is one of the best.

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5. BMW iX

Arguably one of the best-engineered SUVs on the market, the level of detail and innovation that's gone into the BMW iX is stunning. Marketed as a sustainable vehicle, the team at BMW has gone to enormous trouble to include a wealth of eco-friendly touches.

In addition to the electric battery that powers the vehicle, there's also a mixture of stunning new tech. An example is the self-healing polyurethane grill, which will rid itself of any chips and cracks after a few minutes in sunlight. The BMW also incorporates sustainable choices, such as upholstery stained with olive leaf dye.

The result is an impressive SUV that's perfect for drivers who are as committed to enjoyable driving as they are to saving the planet.

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6. Mazda CX-5

The CX-5 currently holds the number-one spot as Australia's most popular SUV. It sneaks into the luxury car lineup due to its stunning styling and meaty performance. Its slightly less eye-watering price tag is also a point in its favour.

Mazda has always been a manufacturer that's prioritised good-looking cars with solid performance. That's why the CX-5 is such a popular choice. For drivers who like a sporty engine, the GT SP variant is a particularly attractive choice.

Features such as black mirror caps, Mazda's synthetic leather upholstery (Maztex) and a host of safety and autonomous driving features enable the CX-5 to hold its own in the luxury SUV arena.

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7. Volvo XC90 D5

Well-known for its solid, safe cars, it's little surprise that the XC90 D5 is a family-orientated SUV. It contains all the physical and autonomous safety features needed to keep you and those you care about, safe on the road.

This Volvo benefits from a suite of innovative technology. It's also extremely comfortable, has plenty of space and offers a fuss-free, effortless driving experience.

If you're looking for a reliable, good-looking vehicle to become part of the family, the Volvo is the perfect addition.

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When you've got a bigger budget at your disposal, it's clear that there are some seriously good SUVs out there. No matter what type of SUV you're looking for, the luxury segment has an appealing option available.

In the luxury sector, the best choice usually comes down to personal preference. The vehicle needs to be a good fit for your lifestyle and aspirations.

It goes without saying that a luxury SUV is going to be safe, spacious, comfortable, well-equipped, great to drive and full of high-end tech. The challenge is to find the model that contains everything you, personally, like in your SUV.

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