It’s safe to say that Toyota has been working overtime bringing variety to their SUV line-up – let’s see what they have to offer.

Toyota has always been one of the biggest manufacturers with one of the largest ranges, looking at the 2023 line-up, they are listening to the customer and making some changes that we have all been begging for, for years. Now we wait and see to see if the execution is what we ordered.

Let’s look at them from size, ordered from smallest to biggest and baddest.

Yaris Cross 

This cute little number gives you enough room to do what you need to do; without being an issue to park.

All variants have a 1.5L 3 Cylinder engine, which is small but will get you where you need to go… just nowhere fast. However, a small price to pay for a fuel-efficient car, which is what we all are looking for in these times.

Varying between 3.8L/100km – 5.4L/100km across the range, the Yaris Cross is one to add to the list if practical and affordable is at the front of your mind. Toyota has promised an upgrade in the technology in 2023, plus the sporty option of the Cross GR Spot, which pricing is yet to be released – but an overall great range for the classic made more practical.

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GX: $26,990

Gx Hybrid $28,990

GXL: $29,990

GX Hybrid AWD: $31,990

Urban Cross: $32,990

Urban (Two-Tone): $33,440

Urban Hybrid: $34,990

GXL Hybrid AWD: $34,990

Urban Hybrid (Two Tone): $35,440

Urban Hybrid AWD: $37,990

Urban Hybrid AWD (Two-Tone): $38,440

Corolla Cross 

Packing a punch from the 2.0L engine across all variants, it has slightly more grunt than the Yaris cross, with just as much practicality.

Boot capacity depends on variants which is something to note, going from 380L in the Atmos to 436L in the GX and GXL 2WD. Fuel consumption ranges from 4.2L/100km - 6.8L/100km which is still impressive; and what we have learnt to expect with the Corolla.

The promised upgrade for 2023 is a multimedia upgrade that will enable wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Also adding more safety features, such as acceleration suppression, Collision Avoidance Suppose, Rear Seat Reminder and a few more.

The Corolla Cross has enough room for a small family and is a practical and financially savvy option to add to the list. However, the estimated wait times of over 6 months is a little less exciting.

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GX 2WD: $33,000

GX 2WD Hybrid: $35,500

GXL 2WD: $36,750

GXL 2WD Hybrid: $39,250

GXL AWD Hybrid: $42,250

ATMOS 2WD: $43,550

ATMOS 2WD Hybrid: $46,050

ATMOS AWD Hybrid: $49,050

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2023 is promising a larger base engine and the option of AWD, which we have been waiting for.

An NA 2.0L engine will be found in the CH-R Range, which is up 41kW and 12Nm on the current 1.2 litre turbo engine (85kW and 185nm). Alternatively, a 1.8 litre four-cylinder is claimed to be continued to be offered. There will be body work changes, so keep your eyes out for that, these details are yet to be confirmed exactly, but nonetheless, we are excited about the change.

Fuel efficiency will be 4.3L/100km – 6.5L/100km. Nothing but good signs coming out of the new CH-R, we cannot wait to see the 2023 model step out.


GXL 2WD: $30,915

GXL AWD: $32,915

Koba 2WD: $35,165

Koba 2WD (Two-Tone): $36,390

Koba AWD: $37,165

Koba Hybrid 2WD: $37,665

GR-S Hybrid 2WD: $37,665

Koba AWD (Two-Tone): $37,940

GR-S 2WD (Two-Tone) Hybrid: $38,115

Koba 2WD (Two-Tone) Hybrid: $38,440

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Rav 4

The Rav 4 is the medium SUV that has been around and it’s a crowd favourite for years.

The unrefined Rav 4 however has never been the most tech-savvy car on the market – in 2023 Toyota is promising that they have revised the cabin designs, new multimedia and a driver assist pack. Let's hope they pull through on these promises because these are the big things holding the Rav 4 back from leading its segment.

This vehicle in the past may not be leading the way in interior styling but fuel efficiency is something it can hold some bragging rights on. Ranging from 4.7L/100km – 6.8L/100km, it certainly is something to consider, being a big car with enough space for everyone and not breaking the bank at the bowser every few days is a win in our books. 

This vehicle will be available in the 2.0L and the 2.5L; there sure is many options in the Rav 4 to suit anyone’s needs with the added option of the Hybrid.


GX 2WD: $34,400

GX 2WD Hybrid: $36,900

GX 2WD Hybrid NAV: $37,900

GXL 2WD: $37,950


GX AWD Hybrid: $39,900

GXL 2WD Hybrid: $40,450

GX AWD Hybrid NAV: $40,900

GX AWD FSS + NAVIGATION Hybrid: $41,200

CRUISER 2WD: $43,250

XSE 2WD Hybrid: $43,250

GXL AWD Hybrid: $43,450

Crusier 2WD Hybrid: $45,750

XSE AWD Hybrid: $46,250

CRUISER AWD Hybrid: $48,750

EDGE AWD: $50,200


EDGE AWD Hybrid: $52,700

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This large SUV is one that doesn’t get all that much attention, but it sure has some winning features. Having a selection of petrol and hybrid engines that range from 2.5L to 3.5L it’s not just big in size but has enough power too.

Exciting news from Toyota in 2023, they are going to be bringing the Kluger out in a turbo charged four-cylinder engine. However even though it has more grunt than most of the Toyota lineup, the fuel efficiency is still something to be excited about. From 5.6L/100km – 8.9L/100km.

GX 2WD: $47,650

GX AWD: $51,650

GX AWD Hybrid: $54,150

GXL 2WD: $57,150

GXL AWD: $61,150

GXL Hybrid AWD: $63,650

GRANDE AWD: $72,261

GRANDE 2WD: $69,158

GRANDE Hybrid AWD: $75,700


The big bad diesel that fits the whole family, we like the sound of that. Given that diesel cars are hard to come by these days, it’s a rush when we find one.

The Pros of the Fortuner are the 7-seat capability, huge boot when you aren’t using the back two seats, 2.8L turbocharged engine.

The cons? The price of diesel right now, given you’ll get 7.6L/100km, it’s still less than ideal, and a date at the bowser is one we are really trying to avoid right now, especially the diesel one.

Rumour has it in 2023 the Fortuner could have a completely new design, but that is still just rumoured - nothing confirmed. We could also expect new features like 360 cameras, a sunroof, and a new infotainment system – which Toyota really should do across the board, these seem like very basic features these days.


GX: $49,965

GX Nav: $50,965

GXL: $55,085

GXL Premium Interior: $57,585

Crusade: $62,945

Land Cruiser Prado 

The 2022 Prado already got some updates so we don’t anticipate much more finessing from the 2023 models, however, it has been said the 2023 model will have the option of a hybrid powertrain.

Overseas there is a matte black edition, but it is unlikely it will reach the Australian Market, which is sad because imagine the street cred you would cop with that. Nothing ground-breaking coming this year, just the Prado that had held its own in the ranks for years.

2024 however is rumoured to bring a new exterior look. The Prado comes in the 2.8L Turbocharged four-cylinder. Running diesel and consuming 7.9L/100km is a slightly better option than the Land Cruiser 300 for those who are fuel savvy.


GX: $60,830

GX 7 SEAT: $63,380

GXL: $67,530





VX: $76,348

KAKADU: $86,998


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Land Cruiser 300 

Back in 2021, Toyota ditched the V8 for a better V6 option. The 3.3L twin-turbo six-cylinder engine certainly packs a punch, fuelled by diesel the 300 is all grunt. Using 8.9L/100km. Not only does this promise power, but the space inside is also a luxury.

There are no upgrades promised in 2023 as this model is still relatively new to the segment, the last generation lasted 10 years in the space. I think Toyota has latched onto ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’.


GX (4x4): $89,181

GXL (4x4): $100,981

VX (4x4): $113,181

SAHARA (4x4): $130,381

GR-S (4x4): $136,981

SAHARA ZX (4x4): $137,981

*All pricing is based on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) and before on-road costs.

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