There's little doubt that the pandemic has had a devastating effect on the global car manufacturing industry, as well as significantly impacted consumer car-buying behaviour. With these factors in mind, the must-have new cars 2021 provides are likely to lack the array of fresh technology that is often an integral part of new arrivals. The chances of a significant increase in electric vehicles are also small - more expensive than their petrol counterparts, they are likely to bounce back in future years. In 2021, we can expect customer-centred connectivity to be at the heart of successful models. From improved telematics through to the driver's seamless connection with the Internet of Things (IoT), 2021 will be the year vehicles become portals to the driver's digital preferences.

Car Calendar 2021.

Some of the most anticipated cars in 2021 are on the way! The following are expected to be launched this year:

First Quarter: Subaru XV and Forester Hybrid; Nissan Navara; Mazda BT-50 Freestyle Cab; Jeep Gladiator; Ram 2500 HD; Mazda CX 9.

Second Quarter: Volkswagen T-Roc; Hyundai Tucson; Volkswagen Golf; Toyota Kluger; Genesis GV70; Volkswagen Tiguan.

Third Quarter: Ford Escape; Mercedes-Benz GLA; Kia Sportage.

Fourth Quarter: Kia Carnival; Jeep Grand Cherokee; Isuzu MU-X.

Top Launches

There are a few cars coming out in 2021 that have been eagerly awaited for months, if not longer. Chief among these is arguably the Toyota Kluger, which was first revealed way back in 2019. Set to hit the showrooms in the next few months, this version of the Kluger benefits from a hybrid option, as well as the obligatory seven seats. A must for Toyota SUV fans, this Kluger ticks plenty of green boxes, as well as performance ones.

Aiming to compete with the indomitable Hilux and similar vehicles, the revamped Nissan Navara features a lean, mean front-end, as well as plenty of options to enhance the off-road driving experience. Luxury touches such as leather accented seats, as well as a slew of fresh safety features (including AEB, reversing camera and blind-spot monitoring.

If you normally gravitate towards a RAV-4 or a CX-5, it's probably worth checking out the Hyundai Tucson. Self-charging and plug-in hybrid options showcase some formidable green technology, whilst the interior can be customised to provide a comfortable, safe driving experience. With some stunning reviews and impressive performance statistics, the Tucson promises to be flying off the forecourts in 2021.

Top SUV Cars Coming Out in 2021

Aside from the Kluger, there are a number of other SUV cars worth waiting for in 2021. The Mazda CX-9, for example, is relaunched with some added in-cabin extras (a wireless phone charger and an updated, 10.25 inch central screen, for example, as well as leather upholstery). In addition, alloys, a fresh front grille and an intriguing exhaust tailpipes result in an SUV that has a lot to offer.

Other SUVs that are worth a mention include the new Outlander and the Volkswagen Tiguan. The hybrid plug-in option has been significantly updated, and the interior has had a welcome makeover: a more user-friendly high-mounted screen and greater connectivity are both attractive innovations. The Tiguan is already a bestseller in Europe, and there's no reason to think that the 2021 model won't do well here. Designed mainly for the road, but with off-road options available, the Tiguan's reputation as a high-performance, versatile, family SUV looks to be well cemented.

Luxury Cars

If you've got the budget to match your motoring aspirations, 2021 sees the arrival of some stunning high-end models to the Australian market. The best new cars 2021 among the prestigious brands include the Genesis GV70 3.3T, Mercedes-Benz S Class, and the Audi Q5. The GV70 has a range of attractive engine options, including a 3.5l turbocharged V6! A launch control function, sports option for the drive train and a choice of 4-wheel or rear-wheel drive.

If you value your tech, then the Mercedes is going to do it for you. A stunning interior is packed with cutting-edge tech, including a considerable amount of autonomy. Pushing the frontiers when it comes to comfort, safety and connectivity, the performance (turbo-charged, 3l, 6-in-line, 429 bhp and 384 torques) isn't to be sneezed at, either!

Hybrid technology, improved dashboard layout and options (particularly the infotainment screen), as well as its usual solid performance, the new Audi Q5 is a worthy addition to the luxury car lineup.

Best Electric Newcomers in 2021

Electric cars are here to stay! Despite cornering only a relatively small part of the market, it's likely that their popularity will increase as production costs diminish and the number of charging points increase. Fresh electric cars that are coming out in 2021 include the Tesla Model S Plaid, BMW iX3, and the Nissan Leaf e+.

A global leader in green car technology, the main drawback of the Tesla will almost undoubtedly be the price. The iX3 is extremely positively reviewed, offering exceptional value as well as a long driving range. An electric classic, the Nissan Leaf is perfect for shorter trips and "about town". Looks aren't everything is an adage which could well be applied to the Leaf, which isn't the most stylish of vehicles. Despite this, its performance, relative comfort and excellent economy mean the Leaf remains an attractive choice.

Whilst the challenges of 2020 have inevitably impacted on car production and product launch, the significant number of stunning new models to hit the market this year gives considerable cause for celebration. If you've decided to invest in a new car in 2021, there are plenty of great choices available.

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