Founded with the intention to create the first fully electric sports car, Tesla, Inc. has been manufacturing state-of-the-art vehicles since 2003 and since then has produced various models and iterations.

But as one of the leading electric car companies in recent years, how much are buyers expected to pay for a Tesla in Australia? Read on to find out how much each model costs.

Model S

Despite offering a luxurious and relaxing drive thanks to its high-tech features and slimline aesthetic, the Tesla Model S has had a number of facelifts in recent years. 2016 saw the loss of the fake grille on the nose, whilst the 2021 version saw more significant changes. Most notably, the line-up for the car changed, leaving only two types available on Tesla’s website.

Here are just some of the impressive features of the Model S:

· It has a top speed of 322km per hour
· A 17” touchscreen with a left-right tilt offers a cinematic experience to your journey
· It features a fully functioning Bluetooth connection to all of your devices
· It has plenty of room available for transporting large objects, like bicycles and furniture
· The engine sports a power of 1,020 hp
· Its exclusive auto-drive features allow the driver to sit back and take a break from driving

Prices for the Tesla Model S start at around $141,990, meaning they are fairly expensive to purchase, though they have recently dropped in price due to less shortage of the design. Second-hand models might go for as low as $71,000, but you can still expect to pay high amounts for this car.

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Model 3

A four-door salon car that's fully electric and has a five-star safety rating, Tesla’s Model 3 is the perfect family car. This stunning vehicle was created to mimic the design of the BMW 3 range with more environmentally-friendly usage and affordable pricing. Released back in 2017, it comes with a dual all-wheel drive and five colour options for new owners.

Some of the top features of Model 3 include:

· The car can travel 284 miles on one charge
· Large boot for storage
· Has a top speed of 162 miles per hour
· Agility and speed match that of a typical sports car
· Has a choice of three styles to pick from
· Zero emissions

The Model 3 is cheaper than the Model S, with a base rate of $44,000 for both new and second-hand models. It remains the cheapest Tesla model on the market and makes the dream of owning one of these branded vehicles a very real possibility for car enthusiasts.

Model Y

Based on the Model 3 platform, the Model Y was unveiled in 2020 and has quickly become renowned for its dual motor and incredible features. It is 15cm taller than its predecessor, providing more comfort for passengers. Coming in either one of two designs – the Long Range or Performance – this electric car is bound to suit all of your needs when travelling, and you can bring all of your luggage along too thanks to the large boot.

Some of the top features of Model Y include:

· Four colours to choose from
· Five available door options, offering greater flexibility
· Offered as a seven-seater option in some international markets
· Capable to drive in rain, snow or mud
· Contains a large, landscape touchscreen

The Model Y has an RTP of around $101,000 and has recently become available in Australia. Second-hand models might be slightly cheaper but will still be priced at a similar value due to their relative newness on the market.

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Model X

Finally, the last car on our list is Tesla’s Model X, which takes pride in its floor-mounted battery pack and 22-watt speaker so you can drive with power whilst being lifted by your favourite tunes. This people carrier was first released in 2015, but a new design is reportedly on the way. Like all Tesla cars, its appearance is sleek and smooth, but what makes the Model X stand out is its 348-mile range on one charge.

Some more selling points of the Model X include:

· Space for up to seven passengers
· Upwards hinging rear door
· Charges up to 80% in 40 minutes
· Four-wheel drive to combat tricky surfaces
· Fully automatic
· Ten different coloured coats available for purchase

The Model X begins at a retail price of around $128,500 but can reach $260,800 depending on any additional features you choose. A used Model X is significantly less expensive, with prices starting at around $100,000.

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