With a formidable reputation for dependability and performance (think Hilux), Toyota is an enduring brand that has repeatedly demonstrated its capacity for innovation and anticipating consumer needs.

Established more than 80 years ago, in 1937, this Japanese company has gone from strength to strength over the years. Providing the best-selling car in 2020 (the inimitable Hilux), as well as being by far and away the most popular manufacturer when it comes to buying new cars (2019 figures show that Toyota sold more than 200,000 vehicles in 2019, compared to 92,000 from Mazda, Toyota's nearest rival), Toyota dominates the Australian car market by a significant margin.

What do Toyota cars offer?

Toyota car types encompass everything from SUVs and 4WDs through to Utes and hybrids.

The success of Toyota car models lies in a contradictory combination of daring innovation and solid dependability. If you want a vehicle that will keep on going, at the same time as one that showcases cutting-edge technology and design, a Toyota will deliver beautifully on both counts.

Many drivers love the fact that you get more driver performance when you opt for a Toyota than you do for almost any other brand. Stylish, daring, reliable and fresh, this is a manufacturer that consistently delivers excellent performance and value.

Popular Toyota Cars

1. The Hilux

Arguably Toyota's most iconic model, the Hilux is a Ute that just keeps on giving. Ultra-reliable and designed to flourish in the most punishing environments, the Hilux benefits from plenty of safety features to complement its exceptional performance. Multiple contemporary options widen the Hilux's appeal even further.

2. The Camry

Australia's most popular medium sedan, the Camry benefits from an irresistible bundle of features. The result is stylish looks, powerful engine performance (the Camry is a driver's car), an excellent range of safety features and enough tech, space and accessories to keep passengers happy, even on longer drives.

3. The Yaris

Absolute dynamite and a clear leader among other small cars in its category, the Yaris' powerful 1.3 VVT-i engine, alongside a 6.1" touchscreen infotainment system, copious safety features and a slick interior makes the Yaris a highly desirable option for urban use.

4. The Corolla

A dependable jack-of-all-trades that offers excellent value and an amazing selection of features, the Corolla can be customised to suit your individual requirements. A no-hassle sedan or hatchback that's perfect for motorists who want safe, dependable performance, there are plenty of reasons why the Corolla is such a popular choice.

5. The Aurion

If you're shopping for a high-end sedan that offers an impressive combination of performance, safety, and tech, the Aurion is well worth a second glance. With options for everything from leather accented seats through to a sports kit, premium speakers, and a variety of safety features, the Aurion delivers excellent all-round value.

6. The Prius

Toyota cars hybrid vehicle, the Prius comes in several different guises, every one of them good! From the smaller "city slicker" Prius C through to the seven-seater "V", there's a Prius incarnation to suit almost every driver.

7. The Rav4

A byword for rugged adventuring, the Rav4 has been around for decades. Its longevity is owed to its stunning blend of power and features. With a top-spec Rav 4 housing a 2.5l engine, there's plenty of bang for your buck, as well as a dazzling host of tech features. Available in 2- or 4-wheel drive formats, the Rav4 can make it on the streets as well as off-road.

8. The Kluger

Many drivers will appreciate the frustration of trying to find a vehicle that packs a healthy punch under the bonnet at the same time as providing the space and interior features needed to house the family in comfort.

Unbelievably, the Kluger manages to tick both boxes, with a meaty 3.5L Dual VVT-i V6 engine and superior traction control combining with heated seats and a rear-seat entertainment system to give an awesome motoring experience for drivers and passengers alike.

9. The Prado

Eager to embrace the tough stuff? The Prado is (possibly) Toyota's most rugged off-roader yet. Whilst the Fortuner GX is clearly an off-roader, the GXL and Crusader models include a number of additional innovations (such as sat-nav, three-zone A/C, leather accented seats, and surround sound).

These transform the Prado into a sophisticated, luxurious ride for both passengers and the driver. If you crave a vehicle that's enormous fun to drive, as well as offering a wealth of "urban chic" features, the Prado could be a good choice.

10. The Landcruiser 200

If you're serious about your off-roading, the Landcruiser may be what you're looking for. Widely acclaimed as "the ultimate" off-road vehicle (although off-roaders may have varying opinions on this), the 200 incorporates anti-locking brakes on all wheels, two fuel tanks, vehicle stability control, a dynamic suspension system, and much more.

Although there's plenty of emphasis on "the drive", essentials such as an integral cool box, back seat entertainment, front and second-row heaters, and a good range of safety features means it's a pretty good option for passengers, as well.

Toyota Used Cars

If you want all the benefits of the best Toyota cars without paying the prices demanded by Toyota car dealers, buying a used model could be the best option. In contrast to new Toyota cars, a pre-owned Toyota will cost significantly less.

Toyotas are well-known for their longevity, meaning a second-hand Toyota is likely to last for years. If you don't fancy the risks which accompany buying a Toyota privately, using a car dealership or searching for used Toyota cars for sale on OnlyCars.com.au, could both be good options to consider. Cartopia, in particular, offers some amazing Toyota car deals on used vehicles.

Although new Toyota cars aren't always the cheapest, they do tend to offer excellent value. If you want a vehicle that won't let you down, at the same time as one that incorporates modern technology and performance features, a Toyota could be the perfect solution.

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