2021 has been a rough year for new car stock and wait times have been painstaking.

The slowing of the global supply chain due to the ongoing pandemic has created turmoil for the new car industry. However, things are looking up and 2022 is gearing up to be a stellar year for new car releases. 

Did you put your new car dreams on hold in 2021? 

Well, it’s time to get your engines fired up again. Plenty of iconic cars are receiving new-generation updates in 2022  and new car brands are landing on Australia’s shores. 

If you’re due for a new car upgrade, then there is plenty to look forward to. The Nissan Z is sure to satisfy performance lovers' thirst for a new car and Kia’s all-electric vehicle is a bright step into the future.

Here are the best new cars landing in the Australian market in 2022.

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is an Aussie classic, being the second best-selling car model in the Australian market. Its success Down Under is sure to continue with the new generation of Ford Ranger. 

With a powerful V6 powertrain and a brand-new look, this ute is sure to be a head-turner. Plus, Ford has stated that the Ranger will come with some form of hybridisation, which means it’s a future-safe ute option for environmentally-savvy Aussies. 

We don’t know exactly when this ute is hitting the showrooms, but it’s sure to be early in 2022. 

Cupra Formentor

The market is rapidly shifting towards SUVs, and these cars have started to dominate the market. However, closely behind the SUV is the likes of the hot hatch, which every major brand from Honda to Ford seem to be producing. 

The new kid on the block, the Volkswagen Group’s Cupra brand, aims to target both these markets with their Formentor. A 2.0-litre turbo-petrol small SUV, this car packs a lot of power. 

It outputs up to 228kW to all four wheels, and has off-road capacities. The ultimate performance crossover, this car is direct competition to the Honda Type-R and Ford Focus ST. 

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Honda HR-V

The HR-V marks Honda’s step into the future. With Honda moving away from sedans and discarding the Civic sedan and Jazz, the HR-V showcases the direction Honda wishes to take moving forward. With a hybridised power-train and cutting edge design, this car is Honda’s answer to the Mazda CX-3. 

We don’t know exactly when this car is dropping in the Australian market. However, keep your eyes peeled. This practical small SUV may be Honda’s home run for a family-friendly city vehicle. 

Nissan Z

Performance car lovers, get excited. The iconic 370Z is going to be retired in 2022, and the powerful, twin-turbo Z is coming to take its place. Retro-styled and beautifully crafted, this car is powered by a 3.0-litre twin-petrol V6. 

This small car packs a lot of power, 298kW to be exact. Considering its rival, the Toyota Supra, puts out 285kW of power, this is a car to get excited about. 

The Z is going to be offered with a six-speed manual transmission, a rare feature in today’s new car market. Considering it will also be rear-wheel drive, well, we’ll let your imagination do the talking with that one. 

Kia EV6

The Kia EV6 is a mid-size SUV and Kia’s first all-electric vehicle. It holds a massive battery that boasts a single charge range of over 500km for some models. 

Plus, the battery can charge from 10 to 80% in as little as 18 minutes. A sleek design and spacious interior is what makes the EV6 an attractive choice for families. The Australian model is rear-wheel drive and boasts 125kw of power for the base model.

Mahindra XUV700

Mahindra is coming in hot to shake up the highly contested Mid-size SUV market. The XUV700 is powered by either a 2.2 litre turbo-diesel or 2.0l turbo-petrol engine. It’s available in both manual and automatic transmissions and comes stocked with technical features including twin 10.25-inch multimedia displays. 

Mahindra has loaded this car with cutting-edge technology to ensure a smooth drive, and it looks great. We have no doubt that this car is going to shake up the Mid-size SUV market in Australia (which, let’s be honest here, is a little needed.)

Toyota Corolla Cross 

Toyota is making this list with another SUV drop to add to their extensive range of SUV models. Toyota has remained surprisingly hush-hush about this drop and has yet to lock in the exact engine and specifications at this time. However, it is likely that the Corolla Cross will be offered with a 1.8L petrol-electric hybrid in order to keep the car future-proof. 

What we do know about this car is that it will be similar in size to the CH-R. The Cross has a sleek, modern design and is very spacious. We also know there is likely to be a significant pricing overlap between the Corolla Cross, CH-R, and their smaller cousin, the Yaris Cross. 

Lexus LX

Lexus is also trying to capitalise on the booming SUV market in Australia. Looking for a stylish SUV? Lexus is dropping the answer for you. With a 3.3-litre turbo-diesel V6 engine powering it, this car is going to bring luxury, comfort and style to the 4x4 game. 

The interior is fitted with leather and woodgrain finishes, and Lexus is renowned for dropping plenty of multimedia technology into their cars. All in all, we expect this car to be highly luxurious, loaded with advanced technology and very, very fun to drive. 

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Final Thoughts

There is plenty to get excited about in 2022. From open borders to all of these incredible new car drops, 2022 is gearing up to be a big year. If you are looking to upgrade your car, all of the above are great options. It doesn’t matter if you’re a family or a petrol-head, there is sure to be a car on this list for you. 

Plus, with new cars being announced seemingly constantly at the moment, it’s a good idea to keep your eyes peeled to Australian car news. There are sure to be a couple more exciting releases to be announced soon, and we can’t wait to share them with you. 

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