When it comes to SUV reliability, it seems that everyone has their own opinion! Over the years, several surveys have been conducted which give participants' views on the most reliable car - the problem is, virtually every survey gives a slightly different set of results!

To determine the ranking of our seven most reliable SUVs, we've looked at several different surveys from here in Australia, the US and the UK, to gain an overall view of which vehicles have the best reliability. Take a look at what we've found - the most reliable SUV is likely to surprise you!

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1. Hyundai Kona

Hyundai dominates the top spots in a large number of reliability surveys, fending off competition from heavyweights such as Toyota and Mazda to stand out as a manufacturer of vehicles that are built to last. The Hyundai Kona is a small SUV that has a lot to offer.


- Sporty styling on the exterior.
- Very economical to run.
- High driving position for good visibility.


- Small boot.
- No wireless Apply Car Play.
- Halogen bulbs used rather than LED.

Who should drive the Hyundai Kona?

If you want an SUV that's great to drive and economical to run, the Kona is for you. It may not be the biggest SUV out there (especially when it comes to boot size), but if you are an urban driver that wants a vehicle you can depend on for commuting, leisure trips and the school run, the Kona offers excellent value.

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2. Mazda CX-9

Scoring number one in the CanStarBlue vehicle ratings, Mazda has established itself as a company that creates high-end vehicles, reliable SUVs that you can rely on. The CX-9 is a large SUV that benefits from a meaty, turbo-charged engine. Spacious, comfortable and receiving rave reviews for its handling, this is a stylish, versatile option.


- High-end interior and stylish exterior.
- Excellent handling.


- Quite thirsty compared with others in its class.
- Some of the tech isn't particularly advanced compared with others.

Who should drive the CX-9?

Perfect for drivers who like to drive, the CX-9 has a luxury interior without the price tag that prestige brands such as Lexus and Mercedes command. That said, its pricing is towards the high end of the large SUV range - some prospective owners may prefer a vehicle with more tech and greater fuel economy, even if it doesn't have the beauty of a Mazda.

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3. Hyundai Santa Fe

In What Car's 2021 rankings, Hyundai finished joint third, so it's little surprise that the Santa Fe is a dependable option. Even if there is a problem, Hyundai offers a five-year unlimited warranty, so the issue will usually be sorted out for free!


- 5-year unlimited warranty
- Choice of petrol or diesel
- Good range of tech


- A relatively high price tag
- Mixed reviews regarding handling

Who should drive the Santa Fe?

The Santa Fe is a dependable choice for larger families or drivers who need a seven-seater vehicle. This is a safe, well-equipped option that works well as a family workhorse. It's probably not the most exciting vehicle to drive and some reviewers mention driving noise as an issue.

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4. Mazda CX-5

As already stated, Mazda is highly placed in several reliability surveys, which is why the CX-5 has earned a respectable fourth place in our top seven! A popular choice, it's the second best-selling SUV here in Australia (the top place is reserved for the indomitable Toyota RAV4).


- Beautiful styling.
- 2021 tech upgrade.
- Five-year, unlimited warranty.


- Not the most fuel-efficient in class.
- Relatively expensive

Who should drive the CX-5?

Versatile, spacious, well-equipped and a great drive, the CX-5 is an attractive SUV that's great for families who want a vehicle that's stylish as well as dependable. Downsides include the price and running costs - if you're on a budget, a Skoda Kamiq or a Kia Sorrento might give you more for your money.

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5. Skoda Kamiq

Skoda isn't as well-established here as it is in other countries, which is perhaps why drivers haven't caught on to what a good deal the Kamiq represents. Skoda was in first place in the 2020 JD Power reliability rankings, and has also come out well in a range of other surveys.


- Sporty powertrain and handling.
- Well-equipped, including plenty of tech.
- VW underpinnings for a low price.


- A conventional, small SUV that doesn't stand out.

Who should buy the Komiq?

If you're a prospective owner that sees beyond looks, the Komiq is a great choice. It's dependable, well-equipped, fuel-efficient, great to drive, spacious and safe. The main downside is that it (and Skoda in general) has an image problem! Despite the VW influence, Skoda is still seen as a boring choice, which is why its resale value isn't the best.

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6. Toyota Kluger

Although Toyota in general scores highly in "best of" surveys, reliability isn't one of its defining characteristics, which is perhaps why it hasn't won any "most dependable" surveys recently. That said, as Australia's best-selling car manufacturer, it must be doing something right! The 2021 Kluger is available in a hybrid format, which is unusual in the seven-seater SUV category.


- Hybrid that's great to drive.
- Spacious


- Infotainment screen is a little dated.
- Utilitarian interior.

Who should drive the Kluger?

If you are eager to invest in a seven-seater hybrid, the Kluger is one of the few contenders on the market that ticks all the right boxes. Aside from this, it's a good all-rounder, but probably not the best choice if you value decent tech and prefer a more attractive interior.

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7. Honda CR-V

Honda has topped the reliability charts several times over the years. Backed by Honda's 5-year unlimited warranty, the CR-V is a dependable choice that combines a sporty drive with the convenience of a seven-seater.


- Nippy, turbocharged engine
- Plenty of room
- Excellent storage space


- Significant 2021 price hike.
- Poor-quality rearview camera

Who should buy the Honda CR-V?

If you like to drive, the CR-V's punchy engine and superior handling make it ideal. That said, reviewers have raised concerns about passenger comfort so this may not be the best SUV for longer trips. 2021 prices are significantly higher than those in 2020. It's unclear whether the upgrades that have been incorporated justify the additional outlay.

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