Car buyers are always looking for the best quality cars at the lowest prices. However, finding your dream car at a reasonable price seems impossible in the current car market. Even if you can find your car out there, the process may take far longer than you hoped.

If you want to find the highest-quality hybrid cars without the hassle and stress and at a fantastic price, continue reading. OnlyCars has everything you need to find Australia’s cheapest hybrid cars in 2022 without the hefty price tags and better value than other options.

This article covers the top 11 cheapest hybrid cars available in Australia in 2022. Ranked from lowest cost to highest. 

1. Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Hybrid: $27,395+

The Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Hybrid is currently the cheapest option for a high-quality hybrid car in Australia, but its price differs from its capabilities. The Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Hybrid has a fuel consumption of 4.2L/100KM, making it an incredibly efficient and affordable option.

This car will save significant fuel costs that you would waste without an EV like the Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Hybrid. Among the features of this vehicle are its five doors, family-friendly features, and compact design that makes it your most straightforward parking job yet.

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2. Toyota Yaris Cross GX Hybrid: $28,990+

Toyota is one of the leaders in EV and hybrid technology, and its massive presence on the list of the cheapest hybrid cars is no coincidence. The Toyota Yaris Cross GX Hybrid is available at a starting price of $28,990 and is perfect for car buyers seeking a smaller SUV with high-quality safety features.

This vehicle has a fuel consumption of 3.8L/100KM, saving you significant sums of money in the long run. On top of these features, the Toyota Yaris Cross GX Hybrid has advanced safety features, including automatic emergency brakes and anti-lock brakes.

This two-wheel-drive model is perfect for anyone seeking an affordable hybrid car with all the safety features to bring them peace of mind as they drive.

3. Mazda 3 G20e: $32,490+

The Mazda 3 G20e is an affordable solution for Australian car buyers looking for a quality hybrid with low fuel consumption and unique features.

Mazda offers two systems for its hybrid vehicle, with the G20e being the safer and cheaper option. The Mazda 3 G20e hybrid is discrete and features an integrated starter generator, four-wheel-drive transmission, and quality safety features to protect you while on the road.

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4. Audi A1 30 TFSI Hybrid: $33,200+

Starting at $33,200 and maintaining a fuel consumption level of 5.4L/100KM, the Audi A1 30 TFSI Hybrid vehicle is a small EV with all the advanced features you want at an affordable price. This hybrid car is a tiny hatchback and has a 1-litre 3-cylinder engine, making it a valuable investment for car buyers in Australia.

The Audi A1 30 TFSI has a front-wheel-drive, multi-functional controls, and advanced smart device integration options for car buyers that like to listen to their devices on their journey. The compact design of this vehicle makes it a fantastic choice for Aussie buyers looking for an affordable solution.

5. Toyota Camry Ascent Hybrid: $33,490+

Another affordable option from Toyota is the Toyota Camry Ascent Hybrid vehicle. This EV offers a 2.5-liter engine and a fuel consumption rate of 4.7L/100KM. The Toyota Camry Ascent Hybrid is known for its fuel efficiency and is an excellent option for car buyers on a budget.

The Toyota Camry Ascent Hybrid boasts keyless entry, dual-zone climate control, touchscreen controls, and LED headlights. This car is perfect for car buyers seeking a more spacious option in their next car while still having a vehicle that doesn’t incur overpriced fuel costs.

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6. Subaru XV Hybrid L AWD: $35,490+

The Subaru XV Hybrid L AWD is available for prices as low as $35,490 and is among the brand’s recent models of hybrid vehicles. This EV contains a 2-litre and 4-cylinder engine with a fuel consumption rate of 6.5L/100KM.

The Subaru XV Hybrid L AWD is perfect for car buyers seeking a cheap, fuel-efficient, familiar SUV model that won’t take too long to adjust to. Its features include anti-lock braking, automatic climate control capabilities, and adaptive cruise control for safe, secure driving.

7. Toyota RAV 4 GX Hybrid: $36,000+

You might be noticing a pattern on this list: Toyota. The Toyota RAV 4 GX Hybrid is another affordable, high-quality hybrid car from the top-selling manufacturer in Australia. The Toyota RAV 4 GX Hybrid has a fuel consumption rate of 4.7L/100KM and is a mid-sized SUV.

The Toyota RAV 4 GX Hybrid has various safety features to secure your journeys. Additionally, the SUV always ranks among Australia's most popular and best-performing hybrid EV options. This vehicle is in high demand, so if you come across one, you should consider jumping on the opportunity.

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8. Toyota C-HR Koba Hybrid: $37,665+

The next Toyota entry is the Toyota C-HR Koba Hybrid, a new version of the traditional petrol C-HR Koba small SUV.

This version is a two-wheel drive with a low fuel consumption rate of 4.3L/100KM. If your heart is set on a Toyota hybrid, consider adding the C-HR Koba to your buying list.

9. Kia Niro HEV S Hybrid: $39,990+

The hybrid car market is ramping up, and multiple car brands are cashing in on the trend. Kia’s exploration into hybrid vehicles comes in the Kia Niro HEV S Hybrid car. This model has a meagre fuel consumption rate of 3.8L/100KM, making it one of the best options for anyone prioritising low fuel consumption.

The Kio Niro HEV S Hybrid has three versions: a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, or an entirely electric model. Kia’s classic hybrid model is more spacious than other affordable hybrid options, making it perfect for families or anyone that needs ample car space.

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10. Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Premium: $40,390+

The Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Premium vehicle is a top-rated vehicle in Australia for valid reasons. Its affordability makes it an attractive choice for people looking to drive in a sleek, stylish hybrid with advanced safety capabilities.

The Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Premium is perfect for anyone that wants their car to reflect a sophisticated style. With a fuel consumption rate of 6.7L/100KM, Hyundai’s electric car remains relatively fuel-efficient and can save drivers high costs on fuel while offering a smooth, successful ride every time.

11. Subaru Forester Hybrid L: $41,140+

The Subaru Forester Hybrid L model is another option for car buyers seeking a vehicle with low costs and huge savings on fuel consumption.

This model has a fuel consumption rate of 6.7L/100KM, making it an excellent option for people that want a unique car with lower fuel costs. Additionally, the Subaru Forester Hybrid L has off-roading abilities and a 2-litre, four-cylinder engine to make any car buyer happy with their purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cheapest Toyota Hybrid Car in Australia?

The cheapest Toyota Hybrid car available in Australia is the Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Hybrid at a cost of $27,395.

What is the Cheapest Mazda Hybrid Car in Australia?

The cheapest Mazda Hybrid available to Australian car buyers is the Mazda 3G20e, costing an average of $32,490.

What are the Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars?

The general disadvantages of hybrid cars include higher purchasing costs in most cases. A lower-cost hybrid car is a valuable option; however, there are still disadvantages including higher insurance rates, less fuel efficiency in cold weather, and less power to your car.

How Much Do Used Hybrid Cars Cost in Australia?

Used hybrid cars in Australia vary in price based on conditions and dealers. Cartopia can help car buyers find used hybrid cars in Australia as low as $10,000-$15,000 and offers financing options as well.

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