If you like the idea of a lighter, brighter car that's got an additional feel-good factor, opt for a vehicle with a panoramic sunroof. A sunroof provides access to sunshine and added ventilation. It also gives the cabin a more spacious feel and allows passengers more opportunities to watch the clouds or study the stars. Listed below are five high-grade vehicles that feature a panoramic sunroof amongst their other benefits.

1. Toyota RAV4

One of Australia's best-selling cars, the RAV4 SUV crossover is a popular choice. Reviewers love its spacious cabin and powerful performance on the road. It's also economical to run, which is always a plus. More recently, Toyota has manufactured RAV4's that benefit from a petrol hybrid engine. Drivers can choose from a 2.0 or a 2.5l petrol engine, or save cash on their fuel bills with a 2.5l petrol hybrid engine.

Toyota advertises the RAV4's "sunroof" as a "moonroof". The main difference between a sunroof and a moonroof is that the moonroof is made from tinted glass. The intention is to allow light to enter the cabin (and passengers to see out through the roof), without allowing the elements to enter. Given our harsh climate, tinted glass is probably an improvement over a clear sunroof option. If you want a moonroof, you'll need to purchase one of the top two RAV4 variants - a Cruiser or an Edge.

The price for a 2022 RAV4 Cruiser starts at around $43,250.

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2. Nissan Navara

A tough, durable, compact truck, the Navara has been a constant seller since its introduction back in 1986. Drivers can choose from a 2.3l single turbo diesel engine (120kW/403Nm) or a 2.3l double turbo diesel engine (140kW/450Nm). The Navara is available with either a manual or automatic transmission and comes in single or dual-cab chassis versions. In addition to being a powerful off-road vehicle, the Navara also has several features and innovations that make it a comfortable, well-equipped ride.

If you want to invest in a Navara with a sunroom, you'll need to buy one of the top two variants - an ST-X or a Warrior. The sunroof is electric, with a one-touch, powered tilt and slide mechanism. Other features on the ST-X include heated front seats, leather trim, keyless entry and an 8" touchscreen that's Apple Carplay/Android Auto compatible. Nissan has incorporated a suite of driver-assist features. These enhance safety and provide plenty of options for successfully negotiating challenging off-road environments.

Prices for the cheapest 2022 Nissan Navara ST-X variant with a sunroof start from around $53,770.

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3. Kia EV6

For drivers who are considering the move to an all-electric car, the Kia EV6 could be a good place to start. Kia is a manufacturer that's eager to embrace electrification. The EV6 platform is different to anything Kia has done before. Kia intends that it will serve as the basis for other electric vehicles in the future.

Drivers get a 77.4kW battery that can achieve up to 80% charge in as little as 18 minutes. The EV6 has a range of up to 528km between charges. Reviewers are positive about handling and performance. They also praise the awesome fuel economy that comes with driving an electric car.

The Kia EV6 comes in two different variants - the Air (168kw/350Nm) and the GT-line. The GT-lie is offered as a single-motor rear-wheel drive (168kW/350Nm) or a dual-motor all-wheel option (239kW/605Nm)).

A sunroof is only offered in the top-spec GT-line. If you want to invest in the 2022 Kia GT EV6 dual-motor option, it will cost you around $87,590. Unfortunately, you'll also have to wait until 2025 to take possession of a new EV6, as this multi-award-winning electric car is in high demand.

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4. Mercedes Benz CLA Class

For drivers with a generous budget who want a car that combines sterling performance with exceptional technology, comfort and visual appeal, the Mercedes Benz CLA class is well worth a second glance. The two variants that have the option to fit a panoramic glass automatic, electric sunroof are the CLA 35 4M and the CLA 45 S 4M+.

Both the versions with sunroofs are powered by AMG engines and technology. AMG is the performance division of Mercedes, which means drivers can expect the very best that the brand has to offer.

Drivers wanting a 2022 CLA 35 4M can expect to pay around $88,000.

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5. Hyundai Tucson (Highlander variant)

Tucson drivers have fourteen different variants to choose from, but if you want a sunroof as part of the package, you'll need to invest in a top-of-the-range Highlander. The Highlander can be powered by anything from a modest 1.6l T-GDi 7-speed DCT AWD (115kW/192Nm)right the way up to an impressive 2.0l CRDi diesel 8-speed automatic AWD (137kW/416Nm).

Inside, Hyundai has been generous with the tech - features include a suite of driver aids (including remote start, rain-sensing wipers and steering wheel mounted controls). The Highlander benefits from four driver modes - Eco, Sports, Normal and Smart. In addition, the multi-terrain mode has three options - mud, sand and snow. A comprehensive list of electronic safety features adds further value.

The Highlander is the only variant that has the option of a panoramic sunroof. 2022 prices for a Hyundai Highlander start from $50,844.

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