As the world heads towards a future free from the internal combustion engine, die-hard petrolheads don’t have long left to enjoy the silky smooth rumble of the V8. This iconic engine, renowned for its balance, smoothness and refinement has powered everything from Rolls Royce to Holden.

You can still buy new V8-powered cars, but they are becoming rarer. Most are made by premium brands and command a premium price tag. This puts them out of reach for most buyers, but there are still some bargains on the second-hand market. So here is our guide to the best-used V8 cars available in Australia today.

1. Ford Mustang GT 2015-2021

Price Guide: $39,000 to $140,000

Few cars have more street cred than the Ford Mustang. The king of muscle cars is now in its seventh generation but the version we are looking at here is the sixth gen launched in 2015. This was the first Mustang to be made available in RHD, so Australians no longer had to pay for an expensive conversion.

The 5th gen Mustang is a big step forward compared to its predecessor. It has a well-sorted chassis and comes equipped with all the latest safety tech. So buyers won’t feel short-changed. But the real reason to buy a Mustang is the 5.2-litre V8 engine under the bonnet. With used prices starting at under $40,000 there are few better ways to join the V8 club than this.


Looks great

Sounds better

Handles well

Lots of safety features


Small backseat

Some controls are complicated

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2. Nissan Patrol 2020-Present

Price Guide: $64,000 to $81,000

The Nissan Patrol received a major facelift in 2022, which helped it keep pace with the refreshed Toyota Landcruiser. The new look has proved to be popular because the new Patrol is outselling the previous generation by two-to-one. Although it has to be said that sales have been aided by long waiting lists for the Landcruiser.

The Patrol is only available in Australia with a 5.8-litre V8 engine. This comes in two flavours, 298kW and 560kW. Both are connected to a 7-speed automatic gearbox. Inside, the Patrol is starting to show its age, especially in RHD form, which has to make do with the old dashboard. But for the money, you will struggle to find a better SUV than this.



Go anywhere off-road ability

Great engine


Unrefined ride

Heavy steering

Poor fuel consumption

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3. Chevrolet Corvette 2021-Present

Price Guide: $160,000 to $180,000

The new 2021 model Corvette is the first model to be officially imported into Australia in RHD. This is great news for Vette fans who no longer have to fork out a small fortune for an aftermarket conversion. But more importantly, it means second-hand buyers can benefit from the manufacturer's warranty for the first time.

The latest generation Corvette saw a significant change from previous models, in that the 6.2-litre V8 engine now sits in the middle, not upfront. This has a profound impact on handling, with the Vette now better able to compete with European rivals. And with prices starting at just $160,000 for a second-hand model, it’s a bit of a bargain as well.


Exceptional performance

Great value

Superb handling


No manual transmission option

4. Mercedes AMG GT 2018-2022

Price Guide: $175,000 to $354,000

The AMG GT was launched as a rival to the iconic Porsche 911. This is designed to be a ‘practical’ two-seater sports car with great looks, a decent boot, and tidy handling. But the AMG has something a Porsche 911 has never had. A silky smooth 4.0-litre AMG V8 engine under the bonnet.

The AMG GT is available in coupe, convertible and sedan body styles. The 4-door sedan is the most practical option, it comes with two good-size rear seats which transform the car into a very compelling family cruiser. But the coupe and convertible versions remain the most coveted. They also let you enjoy the evocative sound of that glorious V8.


Superb styling

Great sounding engine

Thrilling performance


Hard ride


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5. Holden Commodore SS-V 2015-2017

Price Guide: $42,000 to $145,000

The Commodore SS-V is more than just a motor car, it’s a piece of Aussie motoring history. This was Australia’s last homegrown V8 muscle car. When production ceased in 2017, the Holden production line closed for good and the brand ceased selling new cars. The end of an era, but what a way to go.

The SS-V is powered by a 6.2-litre engine that sits up front and powers the rear wheels through a 6-speed automatic transmission. Inside you’ll find a well-designed interior that has room for four. But you won’t get any of the latest features like Apple CarPlay. Not that you’ll miss it, the sound of that engine more than makes up for the difference.


Lots of cabin space

Excellent brakes

Bulletproof engine


Poor fuel consumption

Some interior materials feel cheap

6. Ram 1500 2009-2018

Price Guide: $79,000 to $179,000

Do you need the practicality of a ute with the power of a muscle car and the ride quality of a sedan? Then the Ram 1500 is right up your street. The Ram is available with a choice of engine options, but the one we’re interested in here is the iconic 5.7-litre Hemi V8. This puts out 294kW without compromising fuel economy too much.

Inside the Ram has a well-equipped cabin that can be specced in one of 10 trim options. Buyers can choose from the basic tradesman trim to the luxurious range-topping Limited. But it’s the ride that sets this car apart. This is achieved using a more sophisticated suspension setup than its rivals, which ensures a magic carpet ride on all surfaces.


Hemi V8 engine

Good economy for a pick-up

Smooth ride

Excellent off-road ability



Big, even in Australia

Soft brakes

7. BMW M3 2015-2019

Price Guide: $67,000 to $85,000

While Australian muscle cars are all but gone, German muscle cars continue to thrive. And they don’t come much better than the BMW M3. The version we are looking at here is the previous generation F80 model, which ceased production in 2019. This is a well-balanced sedan that is powered by one of the best V8 engines ever made.

That engine is a 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 that drives the rear wheels through a choice of manual or dual-clutch transmissions. Inside you get the usual BMW treatment with high-quality materials all beautifully put together. But it's on the road where the M3 shines. This is a true driver's car, but it remains practical enough to use as a daily driver.


Excellent performance


Generous equipment levels


Not as fun to drive as earlier six-cylinder models

Road noise is intrusive

Handling can be tricky on the limit


The above list highlights the adaptability of the V8 engine. The balance, torque and refined power delivery make this the ideal powerhouse for various vehicles, from a two-seater sports car to a 4x4 pickup. And you’ll find some pretty iconic motors in the list as well, such as the Mustang and Corvette.

So there is still life in the old V8 yet, but you need to act quickly because these cars won’t be around forever. Soon that iconic rumbling sound of the V8 engine will be consigned to the history books. So if you have a yearning to park a V8 on your driveway, but can’t justify new prices, take a look at some of these V8 bargains.

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