One of the best things to look forward to in 2022 is the stunning selection of luxury sedans that will be available.

Recovery from the effects of the global pandemic is now well underway. Manufacturers are showcasing innovative, exciting vehicles featuring cutting-edge technology and plenty of autonomous tech. The results are cars designed to make life easier and more comfortable.

Read on to discover more about the 2022 offerings from high-end manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Tesla and Volkswagen.

1. Genesis G80

With a starting price of around $84,776 that rises to around $112,900, the Genesis G80 certainly isn't the most expensive sedan in the luxury range. Its modest price belies the high level of comfort and advanced technology that make the cabin a great place to spend time.

Drivers can choose from a 2.5l turbo four- or 3.5l turbo-six-cylinder petrol engine. There is also the option of a diesel engine (2.2l 4-cylinder turbo diesel). All variants result in a fast, comfortable drive.

Features include engine technology that minimises emissions, leather upholstery and real wood trim options. There is dual-zone climate control and a 14.5" infotainment screen (including Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Keyless locking and a powered boot are further features. Drivers who opt for the luxury package add-on benefit from additional features. These include tri-zone climate control, a heated steering wheel and an electric massaging driver's seat.

Although Hyundai's luxury Genesis range is a relative newcomer to the luxury car segment, it gives owners a lot for a modest price tag.

2. Mercedes Maybach S680

If you've got a spare $565,800, the Mercedes Maybach could be yours. This is a high-end car that provides one of the most opulent passenger experiences out there. The Maybach is perfect for owners who prefer to be chauffeur-driven.

Passengers enjoy everything from power-adjustable rear seats to a rear entertainment package. Nappa leather upholstery, a TV tuner and a Burmester 4-D surround sound system are further benefits.

The 6.0l, twin-turbo, V-12 engine delivers 463kW and 900Nm of torque. It's coupled with a 9-speed torque converter automatic transmission and 4-Matic AWD. The result is a car that's fast, powerful and surprisingly agile, given its size.

The Maybach epitomises Mercedes' reputation as a manufacturer that creates high-class vehicles. It's a joy to drive and also provides an elegant yet comfortable passenger experience.

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3. Tesla Model S

The 2022 Tesla Model S will set you back somewhere around $107,200 for a base spec, rising to around $155,430. Like all the other cars in the Tesla range, the Model S is an EV. It has a range of up to 550km and an enviable fuel economy. This is a hi-tech vehicle that's ideal for drivers who want an environmentally friendly car that also delivers excellent performance.

Features of note inside the Model S include a yoke-shaped steering wheel and a centre-mounted infotainment screen. Intriguingly, the vehicle lacks traditionally styled controls for indicating and changing gear.

For drivers who like a futuristic feel to their transport (as well as low fuel costs), the Model S is worth a second look.

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4. Mercedes C-Class

Starting at $66,900 for the basic model, the C-Class sedan shares many similarities with the might S-Class, but for a significantly lower price tag. The infotainment screen in the cabin, for example, is the same as the one nestled in the S-Class interior.

Options of a 1.5l or a 2l petrol engine, or a diesel 2l, are available. Quiet and comfortable, reviewers are quick to praise its solid handling and excellent performance.

If you want a high-end vehicle that punches above its weight when it comes to interior features and tech, the C-Class is a good option.

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5. Porsche Taycan GTS Sedan

Prices start at $156,300 for a 2022 entry-level Porsche Taycan. At the top of the range, the Taycan Turbo S Sedan is priced at $345,800. New for 2022 is the GTS ($237,000) - a new, mid-range variant that sits between the Taycan 4S Cross Turismo (costing $205,300) and the Taycan Turbo Sedan($276,300).

The GTS sedan is an electric car that's powered by two engines. With a range of around 400km and acceleration of 0-100km in 3.7 seconds, this engaging sedan is fast! It has air suspension and an electric sport sound function. The sound function provides the satisfying, meaty engine roar which is absent in EVs. A Sport Design Package provides the sedan with an edgy vibe.

If you're a Porsche fan and crave the space and comfort of a sedan along with rocket-grade propulsion the Taycan GTS sedan could be a good option.

6. Audi A8

Driving a new Audi A8 off the forecourt is going to cost you a minimum of $193, 872 for a basic A8 50 TDI Quattro. At the top end of the range, the A8 50 TDI Quattro LWB MHev costs $208,472.

The A8 is competing with the likes of the Mercedes S-Class and the Range Rover. It is available with a choice of five different engines. These are a 3l turbo-diesel V6, a 3l turbo-petrol V6, a 4l twin-turbo V8, a performance-orientated version of the 4l twin-turbo V8 and a hybrid (which won't be available here this year).

Audi is a byword for luxurious, understated motoring. The A8 combines exceptional performance with a quiet, well-equipped interior that oozes comfort and prestige.

Features include rear entertainment screens and a high-end Bang and Olufsen sound system. integral foot warmers, a massage function and headrests that can be automatically adjusted are just a few of the features the A8 provides. The opulent rear makes this a perfect limousine, or, if you prefer to drive, you'll find the A8 delivers admirably on everything from handling to safety.

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7. Volkswagen Arteon

Competing with cars such as the Audi A4, if you're willing to invest $61,740 in a VW Arteon, you get a surprising amount for your money.

Reviewers comment favourably on the performance of the 2l 4-cylinder petrol engine (or the turbo-charged version that comes with AWD). A stylish, spacious interior and a strong suite of autonomous safety features are both good reasons to opt for the Arteon.

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