In Australia a Utility vehicle, or Ute if you will, is not an uncommon mode of transport. Given the range and choices Aussies have, a Ute certainly is the top choice for many people. From work to weekend shenanigans, here are the Tradie top picks.

1. Isuzu D-MAX

Voted Dual cab Ute of the year in 2022, that surely holds some weight around here. If you are needing to pull some weight however, the D-Max supports up to 3.5 tonne. Powered by a 3.0L turbo-diesel engine, 140kW of power and 450Nm of torque, it’s certainly enough to get you from site to site.

Complimented with a 5 Star ANCAP safety rating, the DMAX is a well-made Ute that has creature comforts for the family but will pack a punch from the job site when needed.

2. Toyota HiLux

Cab-Chassis, Single Cab, Extra Cab, and Double Cab, are all the options of configurations for the Toyota HiLux. Certainly, is an option for every walk of life here. One engine option in the HiLux is the 2.8L Turbo-diesel, 4 cylinder which is found in most models. 165kW of power and 550Nm of torque is the output in this engine. There is also a 2.4L Turbo-Diesel engine, which specs out as 110kW of power and 400Nm of torque.

Lastly, the HiLux also comes in a petrol variant, which is a 2.7L inline 4 which gives 122kW of power and 245Nm of torque. The Lux has a lot of choice, enough for anyone’s requirements, plus Toyota have really worked hard towards keeping their reputation of the reliable Ute we all know. As well as holding a 5 Star ANCAP safety rating.

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3. Ford Ranger

If creature comfort is more of is important to you, the Ranger might be high on the wish list. Ability to customise is also the Rangers strong point; it is available in a 4x2 and 4x4. There are also two engine options 2.0L Bi-Turbo with 154kW and 500Nm or 3.0L V6 Twin-Turbo that spits out 292kW power and 583Nm of torque, found in the Raptor which is the top of the range.

More power however comes with a price, having less towing capacity, the Rangers other range can tow 3.5 tonne, whereas the Raptor has a towing capacity of 2.5 tonne. Also worth noting, is the Ranger has won first place the safest dual cab Ute that you can buy in Australia.

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4. Holden Commodore Ute

Nothing more Aussie than a holden Ute, found in the V8 or V6, this Ute certainly brings a sporty flare to the tradie Ute. Practical and sporty, what more could you want. The SV6 will give you 210kW of power and 350Nm of torque, and the ability to tow 2.1 tonne.

The V8 or SS however will give you 270kW of power and 540Nm of torque and 2.1 tonne of towing capacity. The Commodore also holds a 5-star safety rating from ANCAP. The Holden Ute is only offered in a two-seater option, which may limit the interest for practically minded folk out there.

5. Ford Falcon Ute

Okay, well maybe there is something just as Australian as the Holden Ute, and that’s the Ford Falcon Ute. Much like the Commodore the Falcon is only found in a two-seater, sure it may be more exciting that the 5-seater options in the Ute segment, but it will limit the practicality of the Ute.

Listed as a safe vehicle with 5 Stars from ANCAP is a great start. Found in two specs the V6 and V8, you can find the specs that you desire. The XR6 is fitted with a V6 engine which gives out 195kW and 391Nm of torque with the towing capacity of 2.3 tonne, which is the same as the XR8. However, there clear is a difference in engine specs, the V8 gives out 290kW of power and 520Nm of torque.

6. Mitsubishi Triton

The Triton is also found in a few options to suit your lifestyle, however with one engine choice, it’s a little easier to see what Trion works for you, give then only choice you need to make is the number of seats and the option between 2WD and 4WD. The engine in the Triton is a 2.4L Turbo-Diesel which gives out 133kW of power and 430 Nm of torque.

The Triton is more of an agricultural drive and design, compared to its peers, but one to consider, as they say, nothing can frighten a Triton. Unfortunately, the Triton is unrated on ANCAP at this stage.

7. Toyota LandCruiser 70 series

Coming in a range of configurations, with a Double-Cab or Single-Cab option you can pick what suits you best, work family balance? Or nothing but work, you can make it work. Running a 4.5L V8 Turbo-diesel engine, 151kW of power and 430Nm of torque with a towing capacity of 3.5 tonne.

Not only will this car get you to all your adventures and site, but it’ll also do it safely with a 5 Star ANCAP safety rating. One aspect of the 70 series is they are certainly on their own in style wise, they have an army flare to them, which screams toughness.

8. Nissan Navara

The Navara have two options in engines, the one found in most variants is the 2.3L Twin turbo diesel which gives 140kW of power and 450Nm of torque. The other option being the 2.3L Single turbo diesel engine, provided a respectable 120kW of power and 403Nm of torque.

Also having the 4X2 and 4X4 options, these will allow you to design the Navara to your liking. The Navara has some more creature comforts added which some of its peers lack the design interior the Navara has. The Navara is currently unrated with ANCAP.

9. LDV T60

The LDV may have entered the market as the cheap and cheerful edition to the Ute clan, but there are some seriously big draw cars on this car which should make you consider it.

Equipped with a 2.0L Bi-Turbo Diesel engine giving 160kW of power and 500Nm of torque is enough to get you going. Paired with a 5-star ANCAP safety rating. The infotainment section on the LDV is worth noting, it is well present and gives the car a high tech feels, minus the luxury price tag.

10. Volkswagen Amarok

The Amarok is edging on the luxury Ute space, with some more finer details which allow for a more refined interior experience. The Ute is powers in a few variants, the 2.0L Diesel which gives 125Kw of power and 405Nm of torque.

Then there is the 3.0L V6 Diesel which provides 184kW of power and 600Nm of torque and available is the 2.3L which provides 222kW of power and 452Nm of torque. There are also a range of 2X4 and 4X4, as well as cabin configurations. There is no official ANCAP safety rating released yet but holds a high safety reputation.

As you can see there are ample choices for a solid Ute that will handle the work site, family life and any adventures that life throws you, now it is just up to you what fits your lifestyle and what tickles your fancy the most.

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