JEEP has gone a paler shade of khaki with its green-tinged move to electrification that starts in Australia with next month’s launch of the Grand Cherokee 4xe.

Now the company says it will add the all-electric Avenger, the Compass e-Hybrid and the Compass 4xe to its Australian showrooms in 2024.

Jeep is adamant that going electric will retain the brand’s core values of “freedom, adventure, authenticity and passion, the pillars of its reputation worldwide and will further enhance the legendary off-road capability of its line-up of SUVs.”

It said that the introduction of Jeep Compass e-Hybrid FWD (front-wheel drive) and Compass 4xe in the first half 2024 replace the existing M6 Compass powertrain line up from Q4 2023 production.

“The Jeep Compass e-Hybrid FWD and Compass 4xe will offer a new alternative in the segment while remaining true to the current model’s all-terrain vocation – with efficiency not being achieved at the expense of performance,” Jeep said.

“The ideal everyday driving car, Jeep Compass e-Hybrid FWD will ensure customers can keep their driving habits intact while enjoying an authentic hybrid driving experience, with full-electric propulsion available at start-up, when travelling at low speeds, cruising and in parking manoeuvres.”

Thanks to the plug-in hybrid technology, the Jeep Compass 4xe has a plug-in hybrid system (PHEV) that the company claims is the best possible balance between efficiency, driving fun and attention to the environment.

“Jeep Compass 4xe is capable of everyday driving in the city as its hybrid plug-in technology allows for zero exhaust emission mobility and (about) 50km of city driving in full-electric mode,” it said.

"Moreover, fun becomes efficient on board the Jeep 4xe Compass and its proverbial off-road capability balances fun driving with the environment in mind.”

The Compass e-Hybrid FWD and Compass 4xe can operate in various driving scenarios using only the electric motor (and with the petrol engine turned off). These modes include:


  • e-Launch: starts the vehicle using only the electric motor, when starting up or restarting at traffic lights;

  • e-Creeping: the electric motor provides the start-up normally seen in automatic vehicles, at a speed that can vary from 0 km/h to the equivalent of the petrol engine idling in first gear, or in reverse (for example when manoeuvring);

  • e-Queueing: the vehicle can keep going in a traffic jam, following a ‘stop and go’ pattern in full-electric mode; and

  • e-Parking: simplifies parking manoeuvres, which can be carried out using electric propulsion only, to ensure a practical and quiet experience.

The Compass hybrid models have various features that allow it to move in electric mode. These include:


  • Silent Start: starts the vehicle with no need to turn on the petrol engine by using an “EV” pure-electric, silent driving mode;

  • Energy Recovery: recovers energy that would otherwise be wasted when the vehicle decelerates (e-Coasting) and during braking (Regenerative Braking);

  • Boost and Load Point Shift: ‘e-Boosting’ allows an increase in torque to the wheels thanks to the electric motor that supports the petrol engine; moreover, by taking advantage of the (drive or braking) torque delivered by the electric motor, it is possible to optimise the operating point of the petrol engine; and

  • Electric Drive: the vehicle can travel in silence and with zero exhaust emissions using only the electric motor, while the petrol engine is turned off. Jeep said that these capabilities and features are available depending on battery charge status and the power output required.


Jeep Compass e-Hybrid FWD and Compass 4xe are scheduled for launch in 2024.

Detailed specifications, range and pricing will be confirmed closer to launch.

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Jordan Ballard

Jordan Ballard

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