Premium brand Genesis, part of the Hyundai Group, has unveiled a new GV80 variant, the Coupe, making its debut into the growing SUV Coupe segment.

Genesis showed the GV80 Coupe at an event in Korea, while also showing a redesigned GV80 model. Both are earmarked for launch in Australia in the second quarter of 2024.

The updated GV80, Genesis’ inaugural SUV which was first launched in January 2020,  follows on from the first generation that has sold more than 170,000 units globally.

The enhanced GV80 is the first model change in more than three years. While it retains the distinct signature lines of the exterior, the cabin has been the subject of a comprehensive redesign. 

The interior follows the Korean concept of the ‘beauty of white space’ incorporating cutting-edge technology including a 27-inch-wide OLED display integrated into the cluster and an AVN (audio, video, navigation) screen.

Its seamless design extends to the centre fascia and the touch-based HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system, and a redesigned crystal-like ‘shift by wire’ gear changer for comfort and a sense of luxury.

Genesis said quality materials and design enhancements add to the GV80’s overall elegance, with elements comprising of horn covers with the new Genesis emblem, two-tone-coloured steering wheels, an improved pedal design, and crash pads and a centre console featuring leather, aluminium, and real wood.

It also has a redesigned wireless smartphone charging tray that enables more convenient charging and provides improved visibility of the phone while it's charging, an enlarged console cup holder and a knob-type volume/tune adjustment button.

Genesis said the GV80 “promises an elevated in-car experience with new convenience features for comfort and safety.”

The all-new luxury GV80 Coupe embodies Genesis' design philosophy of “athletic elegance.”

It has evolved from the GV80 Coupe Concept shown in April, which combined maximum practicality and sportiness with a distinctive design package. It was first shown with a 3.5-litre turbo-petrol 48-volt electric supercharger engine.

The front design is accentuated with an expanded air intake, ‘active air flap’ and four air vents, which improve engine cooling while also contributing to the coupe SUV's design appeal.

In profile, the arch-shaped parabolic line spanning the body and the low, sloping roofline add to its visual appeal, enhanced by the Coupe-exclusive 20-inch and 22-inch wheels with distinctive spokes.

At the rear, the GV80 Coupe has LED surface-emitting rear combination lamps and a wide integrated auxiliary brake light on the tailgate. A centrally descending rear spoiler adds a sporty touch.

The GV80 will come with two powertrain options: a 2.5-litre turbo-petrol four-cylinder rated at 227kW/430Nm and a 3.5-litre V6 turbo-petrol with 283kW/540Nm.

The GV80 Coupe will offer an additional engine choice, the 3.5-litre V6 turbo-petrol-supercharger with 309kW/560Nm.

This innovative engine compresses air twice – once through the motor in the low engine (rpm) range and again through the electric supercharger – to advance the maximum torque and improve acceleration response at low and medium speeds.

The GV80 and GV80 Coupe both include advanced driving technologies to provide drivers and passengers with driving stability and a smooth riding experience in any driving environment. 

Preview electronic control suspension (Pre-view ECS) optimises control of the suspension by anticipating road conditions, and the second-generation ‘engine mounting control unit’ (EMCU) detects road surfaces to reduce driving vibrations. 

Additionally, crosswind stabilisation assists drivers with high-speed driving during strong wind conditions and ‘auto terrain mode’ using AI to assess road conditions and automatically adjust to the appropriate driving mode.

In the GV80 Coupe, drivers can replicate the sound of a large-displacement sports coupe's exhaust with an ‘active sound design’ and allow brake pedal responsiveness customisation with a ‘flex brake’ feature.

Genesis has introduced additional functions exclusively for the 3.5T e-S/C model, including Sports+ driving mode, launch control, and a cluster that displays oil temperature, torque, and turbo pressure, engaging drivers with a more agile and dynamic experience in the car.

Specifications and pricing will be announced closer to the model’s launch.

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