For drivers who have decided that 2022 is going to be the year they switch over to greener, electric travel, the MG ZS EV is a good value solution.

Due for release at the end of June this year, the expected price is likely to be only slightly higher than the $44,900 you currently pay for a 2021 model. Here we review the MG ZS's features, safety and performance, as well as identify some alternatives that may be of interest, depending on the type of SUV you're looking for.


For 2022, expect to see:

- The introduction of a long-range ZS, that's capable of travelling a greater distance between charges than the current model.
- Improved tech compared with 2021, including a larger infotainment screen (10.1" compared with last year's 8").
- An upgraded cabin, with additional premium materials.

Interior and Exterior

The ZS has a stylish exterior that gives the car a distinct character. Features include a grille that matches the paintwork, 17" alloys and LED headlights. With a fun vibe that's very appealing, this is a little SUV that makes a big impression.

Inside, the cabin is roomy and well-laid out. Features include a keyless start, 360-degree parking cameras and a panoramic sunroof. A 12v power socket, along with USB-A and USB-C compatible USB ports. Reviewers comment favourably on the use of more upmarket materials - for example, the carbon-look dashboard has been replaced with materials that look, and feel, more luxurious. There's also a leather-covered steering wheel, which is a nice touch.

The ZS is marketed as a compact SUV, so it's little surprise that three passengers in the rear are going to be a bit of a squeeze!. That said, two adults can sit comfortably in the rear. With 448l of boot space, there's enough room for a good amount of luggage. If you're carrying larger items, the rear seats can be tipped, increasing the boot capacity to 1100l.

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If you opt for a standard ZS, you'll get a 51kWh battery that has a range of around 320km. For drivers who opt for the long-range option, the engine is powered by a 72.6kWh battery and benefits from a range of up to 440km. This is a front-wheel-drive SUV.

Reviewers have praised the speed and handling of the ZS - indicating that it punches above its weight when it comes to performance. Three different driving modes deliver optimal handling, depending on the conditions.

As well as a "sport" and "normal" mode, there's also an "eco" mode, for power-saving driving. The ZS is described as quiet and comfortable, with a suspension that's capable of dealing with most of the surfaces you'll encounter on the highway or in urban areas.


The big tech improvement is the introduction of the 10.1" infotainment screen. Featuring Apple Carplay and Android Auto, it's more responsive and easier to use than the 2021 8" screen. Features such as the 360-degree cameras, front and rear parking sensors and sat-nav, as well as traffic jam assist result in a high-end driver experience.


The ZS has a 5-start ANCAP safety rating. In addition to a good range of physical safety features, it also comes with a suite of autonomous safety features that incorporated ten different aspects. If safety matters to you, the ZS is a good choice.


The exact price isn't known yet, but it's expected that the price of the standard ZS will be a few hundred dollars higher than the 2021 price of $44,900. The long-range model is likely to cost a few thousand dollars more, due to its additional reach.

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Pros and Cons


- An EV, so running costs are low.
- Great acceleration, praised for its handling, quiet and comfortable.
- 10.1" infotainment screen.


- Mediocre interior styling and materials, despite the upgrade.

Final Verdict

Winner of the Drive 2021 Best Overall Value award for EVs in Australia, it's hard to find much to dislike about the ZS. It's a competitively priced EV that comes with an excellent selection of tech and drives like a dream.

It lacks some of the styling and luxury finishes that others in the compact SUV class command, but it's questionable whether the addition of a few high-end materials is worth the additional thousands of dollars more luxuriously appointed electric SUVs cost.

Provided the 2022 price tag (once it's announced) hasn't increased by thousands of dollars compared with last year's prices, the ZS is an excellent choice for small families who want to invest in an EV.

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Other Options To Consider

Kia Stonic

If price is a consideration, the Kia Stonic's base-spec price tag of just $21,990. True, you won't get all the features available in the ZS - no LED headlights or 10" infotainment screen, for example.

Reviewers have also been underwhelmed by the Stonic's driving performance, with lack of power being an issue. It's not electric, so running costs will be significantly higher than the ZS, but if a low price is important, the Stonic may be of interest.

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Mitsubishi ASX

The ASX has enjoyed considerable popularity over the years. In 2021, it was the most popular choice in Australia in the compact SUV class. For 2022, Mitsubishi has enhanced the safety features, along with providing some interior upgrades.

The 2022 starting price is $24,990. Reasonably comfortable and safe, the lack of turbo means the 2.0l naturally aspirated petrol engine doesn't deliver the power many drivers crave. Mitsubishi have announced that the ASX will be relaunched in 2023, so it may be worth waiting a few months and seeing what the fresh version offers.

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Hyundai Kona

The Kona is now available as an EV if you opt for one of the top two specs. With a range of 484km with an extended range battery (305km with the standard battery), a Kona Elite EV will cost you $59,346; a top-spec Kona Highlander EV costs $69,946.

Car Sales' 2021 Best Small SUV class, this is a high-grade SUV with a lot to offer. That said, it costs thousands of dollars more than the EZ, so may not offer the best value.

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