As you would expect from an award-winning car (winner of 2021 Wheels Car of the Year), the Mazda CX-30 brings a breath of fresh air to the small SUV class. It's designed to sit somewhere between the Mazda 3 and the CX-5, the CX-30.

Mazda has cultivated a policy of delivering high-quality vehicles with a touch of luxury. They aim for a market that values premium motoring, even if it does cost a little bit more. The CX-30 showcases this approach on every level. From fresh engine tech to stunning styling, it's got the lot!
A key question for many potential buyers will be whether there's enough real-life benefit to justify the price difference between the CX-30 and its competitors.

Here we take a look in more detail at what the CX-30 has to offer. Discover whether the hype lives up to the reality when it comes to this innovative crossover.


Mazda's introduction of new ignition technology has caused quite a stir! The SkyActiv-X technology pairs a 2.5l petrol engine with a 24-V battery to give a mild hybrid. Ignition occurs through both a traditional sparking system and a high-compression, sparkless process. The type of fuel ignition varies throughout the drive, depending on which method is going to give the greatest fuel efficiency and performance.

The CX-30's interior fit-out is definitely worth a second glance. Not only is the quality exceptional, but the use of coloured accents also gives it a modern, engaging vibe. If you value a premium interior that has that indefinable air of elegance that only good craftsmanship and high-end materials can give, the CX-30 is there for you.

Safety-conscious motorists will love the CX-30s impressive autonomous safety features. In safety tests, it scores highly in comparison with other vehicles in its class.

Interior and Exterior Design

Bearing in mind that the CX-30 draws inspiration from the CX-3, it's little surprise that its exterior is more hot hatch than boxy SUV. Stunning curves and a minimalist front end results in plenty of road presence. If you want a vehicle that's big enough to ferry the kids around in comfort but still has street appeal, Mazda has nailed it with the CX-30.

As already mentioned, the interior is stunning. The minimalist layout and lack of noise results in an uncluttered, spacious cockpit that's a relaxing place to spend time in. Soft-touch materials and leather accents give a premium look. Features such as dual-climate control and highly adjustable front-row seats add a good degree of comfort.

Second-row space is adequate, although the usual caveats apply for taller or wider passengers. If you frequently need a car that can accommodate bigger adults in comfort for longer trips, the CX-30 may not be the best you can get.

Perhaps because it's inspired by the CX-3, the CX-30 doesn't have the traditional SUV raised driver's seat. Touch-tech is also minimal - the CX-30 controls are operated using good old-fashioned switches and buttons. This may be a relief for traditionalists, but irritating for drivers who love a hi-tech feel to their driving.


The CX-30 comes with three engine variants. The Pure (base spec model) and the Evolve are offered with a 2.0l, 4-cylinder petrol engine that delivers 114kw and 200Nm of torque. Moving up the range, the CX-30 Touring includes the option of a 2.5l 4-cylinder engine delivering 139kw and 252Nm of torque. At the top of the range, the Astina comes with the further option of the X20 super-charged, hybrid 2.0l engine, which delivers 132kw and 242Nm of torque.

The FWD is available in six variants, with AWD available only on the Astina G25 and X20, and the G25 Touring variant.

The intention behind the hybrid technology used in the higher-spec models is that drivers will enjoy the driving experience of a petrol engine with the fuel efficiency of a diesel.

Reviewers are generally positive about the driving experience. CX-3 design has heavily influenced the stabilising and suspension systems. This results in capable performance in a variety of driving environments.

Mazda tells us that fuel efficiency for the higher-spec, hybrid engine is around 5.3l/100km. This is definitely one of the better fuel efficiency figures in its class, but you do pay for the privilege as the CX-30 is one of the pricier models.


An 8.8" infotainment screen that's compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay does the job, but it's by no means exceptional. If Mazda can be said to have a strong tech feature, it's the autonomous safety package.

Higher-spec models benefit from features such as a Bose sound system with 12 speakers. All models have rear parking sensors. All except the base spec also benefiting from a rear-view camera and front parking sensors.

The CX-30's tech is certainly on par with others in its class, but it's not wildly innovative and lacks the hi-tech appeal that other manufacturers (notably Mercedes-Benz and Toyota) deliver.


Safety is something the CX-30 does well. Scoring highly in the ANCAP tests, the i-Activsense autonomous safety package includes everything from a 360-degree view monitor through to smart brake support (SBS), lane departure warning (LDW) and lane assist.

The autonomous system is backed by a solid range of physical safety features, ensuring a high level of safety for the driver and passengers.


In 2021, the base spec G20 Pure (FWD, manual) costs $29,190, whilst a top-spec X20 Astina (AWD, auto) will be around $47,090.

Pros and Cons

- Very stylish, both inside and out, with a high-end interior.
- New technology is used in the mild hybrid to (theoretically) provide petrol performance with diesel levels of fuel consumption.
- An extremely safe car.

- Reviewers claim that poor suspension and a lack of lumbar support in the lower-spec models make driving for long periods uncomfortable. Rear passenger space is limited - larger adults will struggle in the back on longer trips.
- A small boot.
- Despite the hype over the new engine tech, reviewers claim on-the-road fuel efficiency is less than that quoted by Mazda. This brings into question how efficient the CX-30 is.

Who Should buy the Mazda CX-30?

The main added value the CX-30 has over its competitors is its styling and visual appeal. If you prioritise a premium cockpit (and if you have to spend hours driving, it's certainly a consideration), the CX-30 delivers.

In general, the CX-30 is a great option for couples, shorter trips and drivers who like a good suite of driver-assist features.

Families with younger children will love the excellent safety rating. For drivers who take longer trips or families with teens, the lack of rear-row space and comfort concerns may mean looking elsewhere.

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