People with growing families understand the importance of dependable and flexible MUVs. While searching for the perfect car for your family, you have to consider many factors like spacing, safety, durability, performance, parts availability and more.

Similarly, in the people mover category, Kia Carnival is known to be overruling major flagship cars of today’s automobile industry. Kia Carnival is manufactured with a silhouette texture finishing similar to the Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Voyager. However, the Carnival doesn’t offer a flexible cabin, unlike its rivals. Kia Carnival provides great value and specifications among MUVs.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the upcoming Kia Carnival 2021 with its prominent specifications.

What's New for 2021?

In the past two decades, the Australian car industry mainly focused on providing family carriers, low in cost and high in luxury. They worked hard to introduce spacious cars for up to 8 people without compromising the quality and features.

Earlier, Kia's priority was manufacturing low-cost, dependable vehicles. However, people have moved to people carriers more since they give a better image and plenty of space. Moreover, people carriers provide improved performance and a sleek look.

Kia has recently launched its fourth-generation Carnival model, which has a more classy build and more safety features. It offers a better alternative for people looking for elevated car options. Kia Carnival 2021 might not be on the top of the best MUV list, but, without a doubt, it has engaged the interest of people who are not even interested in people carriers.

Performance & Specification

Kia Carnival has been created bigger and better this year, keeping every edge in consideration. It has gained a 30mm extension for the wheelbase which makes it 20mm taller overall. Its major specifications include a quiet and spacious cabin with improvement in vibration and harshness for taking the rough edge.

According to the sneak peek given by Kia, the latest Carnival features a backwards-compatible suspension geometry, suspension tune specifically for Aussies, and latest steering rack that entirely operates with a motor panel. You’ll see major changes in the rack replacing the hydraulic system from its successors. This results in more responsive yet improved control.

Interior & Comfort

The 2021 Kia Carnival is much more than the regular MUV you drive daily. The light motor-driven steering comes with a turning circle of 11.7 meters, which gives you comfortable control over this big vehicle, making it easy to manoeuvre. This premium ride also comes with a series of sensors and cameras, keeping the driver aware of the surroundings.

As the Kia Carnival is meant to be a luxurious car, every passenger gets an ample amount of legroom and headroom. The comfort of the driver is also well maintained as both the steering wheel and the electric seat offer a wide range of adjustability.

Fuel Economy

This luxury 2021 Kia Carnival was designed with the brand new V6 3.5-litre petrol, a step up from the previous models up to 0.2-litre units with 206KW. The V6 engine is designed specifically for yielding increased output, delivering the horsepower up to 216KW combining with a torque 355Nm.

Kia equipped the Carnival with their effective fuel consumption technology that ensures improved mileage up to 100km in just 9.6 litres of fuel, which is quite impressive for a MUV.

This claim was later tested by many renowned dealers in the New Year period and it was proven that it can rack approximately up to 1000km. This riding includes highway and country roads with a few suburb tours.

In most conditions, the eight-speed automatic with petrol engine combination is exceptional, however, you can experience a wheel spin or stability control concerns during wet roads.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The latest Kia Carnival 2021 has many different features in terms of infotainment and connectivity. However, we’ll just discuss some of the prominent features that deserve to be on the list.

These features include sun blinds for second and third row too, sliding and tilting sunroofs, eight-way adjustable front seat with a memory function for multiple drivers. When considering the Bose sound system it has 12-speakers complementing the 3D garnished mood lighting. Carnival 2021 also has a Smart Temperature Comfort Control which activates the ventilation system for steering and front seats, when any major change is observed.

Safety and Tech Features

Similar to Kia’s seven-seater Sorento MUV, the Carnival is equipped with major safety features which include a driver assistance system and seven airbags.

The safety system includes major warnings including speed-limit, pedestrian, junction assist and cyclist warning with multiple collision brakes, rear cross-traffic alert, intelligent speed assist and lane keep assist.

It can also monitor blind spots with adaptive cruise control and an improved beam assist with a driver attention warning. So, if safety is your biggest concern, then Carnival is a worthy

Pricing & Availability

The pricing starts from more than $46,880, giving an estimated on-road cost for the basic level petrol known as Carnival S. The most expensive variant of Kia Carnival 2021 is the top-spec platinum diesel at $66,680. Since the launch of this Carnival variant, Kia Australia is now providing a great drive and improved comfort levels.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

The most reliable aspect of Kia is its warranty and maintenance insurance, as it offers a secured package for the families to have fun and ride with its 7-year long warranty and free bumper-to-bumper coverage of up to five years. The Carnival beats all its rivals with its major policies excluding any complimentary scheduled maintenance.

Final Verdict

Kia is known to be a reliable automobile haulier for almost two decades maintaining commercial and private practices. Since the early days Kia has grown into an exceptional and transformed brand, famous for its next-gen features.

The Carnival is a dream ride for most families that is not only practical and safe but budget-friendly too. It is an emerging face of the brand for this upcoming year and can be bought at promising rates under Kia’s astounding offers.

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