Car buyers who are purchasing a car through a finance arrangement want to know what their repayments will be. If you don’t have a calculator on your site, you risk losing these customers to other sites that do have one.

This guide explains why it’s important to have a loan calculator on your site. And you will learn the easiest way to get one added to your site within one day at no cost!

Why Have A Repayment Calculator On Your Website

Users Won’t Have To Leave Your Website

There are plenty of other finance calculators on the web that your visitors could use. But wouldn’t you prefer they stay on your own site?

Once they leave to use another finance calculator, they could easily get distracted and never come back to your site. With a calculator available right there on your site, visitors will have one less reason to leave.

It’s Good For Google SEO

When people use the finance calculator on your website, they will spend more time on your site before leaving. Time spent on your website is believed to be a ranking factor in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

When search engines can see that people are spending longer on your website, it sends them a signal that you must have a good website. This will help you rank higher in Google search results.

It Improves User Experience

According to ASIC, 90% of all car sales in Australia are organised through finance. Considering this, most visitors to your site will be planning to purchase their car through a financing agreement. And they will want to know what their repayments would be on a loan and what they can afford.

With a calculator on your site, these visitors will be able to quickly get an estimate on repayments and better know what car they can afford, increasing the chance they will go through with a purchase.

The calculator also allows them to quickly start a finance application and get pre-approval for a loan. This saves time for the customer and once pre-approved for a loan, they will be more likely to buy.

How To Add Repayment Calculator To Your Website

Adding a repayment calculator to your website is very simple. You can have one on your website today.

Go to and fill out the Get Started form. You will get an email back with the code to add to your website and instructions for your developers. If you need any assistance, we can help you add the code to your site.

The calculator can easily be customised with colours to match your dealership branding.

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Jordan Ballard

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