Selling a car in Western Australia (WA) entails specific procedures to ensure a smooth transfer of vehicle ownership, including conducting a rego check WA and understanding the requirements for a roadworthy certificate in WA. This comprehensive guide helps sellers navigate the legalities involved in car sales in WA, ensuring compliance with all state regulations.

Overview of Selling a Car in Western Australia

The process for selling a car in Western Australia is straightforward, whether you're dealing with a private sale or working through a dealer. The primary requirement is to inform the Department of Transport (DoT) about the change in ownership, which is crucial for updating the vehicle's registration details in WA.

Notice of Disposal and Transfer of Ownership in WA

For Sellers

  • Notice of Disposal: Upon selling your vehicle, it's mandatory to submit a notice of disposal to the Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) within 14 days. This step is vital to ensure you're no longer liable for any future traffic infringements associated with the vehicle.
  • Transfer of Registration: Sellers and buyers share the responsibility to ensure the vehicle's licence is free from encumbrances. Transfers can be completed online through DoTDirect or by submitting a Vehicle Licence Transfer (MR9) form.

For Buyers

  • Vehicle Licence Status: Buyers should verify the licence status of the vehicle online to ensure it's free of any encumbrances.
  • Transfer of Ownership: The vehicle must be currently licensed for the transfer to occur. If the licence has expired for more than 15 days, it's deemed an unlicensed vehicle, and the new owner must have the vehicle inspected and apply for a new licence.

Vehicle Inspections and Roadworthy Certificate in WA

  • Vehicle Inspection: In Western Australia, a roadworthy certificate, sometimes known as a safety certificate in other regions, isn't required for private vehicle sales. However, an annual inspection is required for cars older than five years when renewing registration.
  • Dealing with Written-Off Vehicles: To determine if a vehicle is listed on the Written-Off Vehicle Register, has outstanding finance, or is reported stolen, check the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

Legal Requirements and Fees

  • Legal Entities: A vehicle licence in WA can be granted or transferred to an individual, corporate body, or other recognised legal entities.
  • Fees and Charges: A transfer fee and vehicle licence duty are applicable upon the transfer of a vehicle licence. The Department of Finance's website provides details on vehicle licence duty, exemptions, and concessions.

Important Considerations

  • Selling a Car Under Finance: Inform potential buyers of any outstanding finance on the vehicle. The balance of the loan must be cleared before completing the sale. Consult with your lender for the payoff amount and any potential early repayment fees.
  • Documentation: Have all relevant paperwork ready, including registration details, service history, and any finance documents. Conducting a Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) check for just $2 will reveal if there's money owing on the car or if it's been written off.

Selling a Car in WA: Legal and Consumer Advice

In WA, the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) does not apply to private car sales, which means Consumer Protection offers limited assistance if issues arise post-sale. It's crucial for private sellers to be upfront about their vehicle's condition, ensuring all parties are informed throughout the transaction.

Tips for a Successful Sale

  • Presentation and Valuation: Ensure your vehicle is well-presented and clean. At Only Cars, you can browse our current range of cars for sale and filter by your exact make and model to see what your car is currently selling for, helping you to determine a selling price.
  • Documentation: Prepare all necessary documents, including the vehicle's registration certificate and service records to present to potential buyers.


Selling a car in Western Australia is a straightforward process that benefits greatly from preparation and honesty. By following the state-specific guidelines for vehicle sale and transfer, sellers can ensure a hassle-free and successful car sale experience. Remember, while WA simplifies the process by not requiring a roadworthy certificate, maintaining transparency with potential buyers about the vehicle's condition remains key to a fair and smooth transaction.

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