Selling a car in Vic can sometimes bypass the need for a roadworthy certificate (RWC), though understanding the legalities, especially regarding the transfer of rego in Vic and transfer of registration Vic, is crucial. This detailed guide combines essential points from the initial discussion on NSW practices with the specific steps and requirements for selling a vehicle registered in Victoria, ensuring compliance and the smooth transfer of car ownership.

Understanding Roadworthy Certificates in Victoria

In Victoria, a roadworthy certificate (RWC) verifies that a vehicle meets the minimum safety standards. While this document is generally required for the Victorian registration transfer, there are exceptions and specific scenarios where selling a car without one is permissible.

Steps to Sell Your Registered Vehicle in Victoria

1. Preparing for Sale

Ensure your vehicle is in good condition in preparation for date of sale. While an RWC might not be needed in every case, maintaining your vehicle well can help achieve a better sale outcome and get a price as close as possible to its current market value.

2. Notification to VicRoads

Sellers should notify VicRoads of the vehicle transfer online through their myVicRoads account, streamlining the vehicle registration transfer. This online notice is crucial for the seller to avoid any liability for the vehicle after the sale is complete, regardless of if you're selling to an individual or a licensed motor car trader.

3. Documentation

Gather all necessary documents, including the vehicle's registration certificate, a completed vehicle transfer form, and ensure you have a roadworthy cert if required by the sale conditions.

4. Completing the Sale: Transfer Ownership

Verify the buyer's identity and confirm they have a Victorian licence/customer number. Both parties should complete and sign the vehicle transfer form. Sellers should provide a receipt and a copy of the completed transfer form as proof of sale. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay the Motor Vehicle Duty.

Selling an Unregistered Vehicle in Victoria

The sale of an unregistered vehicle in Victoria is more straightforward, as VicRoads does not need to be informed about the transaction. However, you must:

  • Remove and return the number plates to VicRoads.
  • Cancel the car or vehicle registration and apply for a refund if the registration is still current.
  • Provide the buyer with a sale receipt.

Key Points to Remember

  • Transparency and Legal Compliance: Regardless of the state, being clear about the vehicle's condition and its registration and roadworthiness status with potential buyers is essential.
  • Notice of Disposal: In NSW, completing a Notice of Disposal is a critical step. Although the process differs in Victoria, the emphasis on promptly notifying the relevant authorities (VicRoads) remains significant to avoid future liabilities.
  • Online Notifications: Both NSW and Victoria offer to transfer registration online on platforms such as Service NSW and myVicRoads for notifying about the vehicle transfer, which significantly simplifies the process for sellers. Alternatively, you can visit a VicRoads customer service centre to complete the transfer.

For Simpler Car Sales, Trust

Selling a car in Victoria, with or without a roadworthy certificate, requires attention to specific details and procedures to ensure a smooth and legally compliant transfer of ownership. By following the outlined steps and understanding the requirements for both registered and unregistered vehicle sales, sellers can navigate the process confidently and efficiently.

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