Selling a car in South Australia (SA) is a process that can be smooth and stress-free, so long as you're equipped with the right information about what is required to transfer rego SA. This guide offers comprehensive insights into the process, understanding vehicle inspection requirements, and ensuring you meet all obligations for selling a car in SA.

Key Steps for Selling Your Car in SA

Preparing for Sale: Registration & Roadworthy Certificate

Before listing your car, consider what potential buyers will look for. Clean and prepare your vehicle, ensuring all necessary paperwork, such as registration details, service history, and any car finance documents, is ready. Although SA does not require a roadworthy certificate for selling your registered vehicle, ensuring its roadworthiness can facilitate a quicker sale and potentially a better price.

Transfer of Ownership and Registration

To legally transfer the ownership and registration of your car to the buyer, fill out and submit an application for the transfer of registration SA form to the relevant SA government department within 14 days of the sale. This process is mandatory whether selling privately or to a dealer.

As the buyer, you must transfer the registration within 14 days or face a late transfer fee of $99.

Notice of Disposal (NOD)

As a seller, you're obliged to complete a NOD immediately after the sale. This step is crucial for notifying Service SA that you are no longer the current owner, avoiding potential responsibility for the buyer's future offences. The NOD can be submitted online via a mySAGOV account or through paper submission to Service SA.

Challenges with Online Submissions for Notices of Disposal

While the digital age simplifies many transactions, there are specific conditions under which submitting a Notice of Disposal (NOD) online through mySAGOV might not be possible:

  • Interstate or Unlicensed Buyers: If the buyer lacks an SA driver's licence or client number, commonly in cases where the vehicle is sold to someone from another state or to a wrecking yard, online submission is not feasible.
  • Incomplete Buyer Information: The absence of comprehensive details about the buyer prevents online NOD submissions. This requirement ensures accountability and traceability in ownership transitions.

In such scenarios, the seller is required to submit a paper NOD to Service SA. This alternative ensures that the vehicle's sale is properly recorded, safeguarding the seller from future liabilities associated with the vehicle.

Transfer Online

For both buyers and sellers, the remaining registration can be transferred online through the mySAGOV account, provided certain conditions are met. This efficient process requires details like the plate number, the seller's and buyer's SA driver's licence or client numbers, and the sale price.

However, certain situations might prevent the transfer of this remaining registration to the new owner:

  • Interstate Sales: Vehicles sold to buyers in different states necessitate new registrations in the respective states, rendering the transfer of SA registration invalid.
  • Vehicles Sold for Parts or Scrap: If the vehicle's next destination is a wrecking yard, the existing registration becomes non-transferable.

In cases where registration cannot be transferred, sellers might opt to cancel the registration and apply for a refund, if eligible. It is advisable to inform the buyer about the vehicle's impending unregistration following the sale.

Managing Special Number Plates

For sellers with special number plates who wish to retain them post-sale, a visit to a Service SA centre is mandatory to obtain standard plates for the vehicle being sold. This process incurs a fee, ensuring that the special plates can either be retained by the seller or reallocated to another vehicle they own. Remember, previously owned sets of number plates cannot be reused and must be surrendered.

  • Fee for New Standard Plates: Acquiring new standard plates for the vehicle you are selling costs $63.
  • Reallocation Fee: If you wish to transfer your special plates to another vehicle under your name, a fee of $31 is applicable.

Stamp Duty and Fees

While the seller needs to ensure all paperwork is properly submitted, it's the buyer's responsibility to declare the vehicle's true market value and pay the applicable stamp duty. The amount of this transfer fee depends on the vehicle type and purchase price, with some exemptions available.

Important Considerations

  • Proof of Ownership: A registration certificate does not constitute legal ownership. Sellers are advised to provide a receipt that includes detailed information about the sale and both parties involved.
  • Statutory Declaration: If the buyer fails to comply with their obligation to lodge a transfer of the vehicle's registration, the seller might complete a statutory declaration to absolve themselves of liability for the buyer's actions.
  • Special Number Plates: If you wish to retain special plates, visit a Service SA centre before selling the vehicle to arrange for standard plates, incurring a fee. Should you wish to reallocate these plates to another vehicle, an additional fee applies.

Final Thoughts

Selling a car in South Australia involves several straightforward steps, from preparing your vehicle for sale to completing the transfer of the vehicle's registration and ensuring all legal obligations are met. By following this guide, sellers can navigate the process confidently, ensuring a compliant and successful transaction. Remember, clear communication with the buyer and proper documentation are key to a smooth transfer of ownership in SA.

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