Understanding how to transfer rego QLD is crucial for anyone looking to sell a car in Queensland without a roadworthy certificate. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the process, ensuring you meet all legal requirements for a hassle-free sale.

Selling a Car in Queensland: Overview

When selling a registered vehicle in Queensland, several key steps must be followed to complete the registration transfer and ensure compliance with state regulations. This includes understanding the requirements for obtaining a roadworthy certificate in Queensland and how to transfer a vehicle registration online.

Roadworthy Certificate Queensland: What You Need to Know

In QLD, a safety certificate (formerly known as a roadworthy certificate) is required under various circumstances, such as transferring registration to a new owner, registering a vehicle from another state, or re-registering an unregistered vehicle. This certificate verifies that your vehicle meets basic safety standards, covering aspects like tyres, brakes, steering, and lights.

Obtaining a Safety Certificate

You must obtain a safety certificate before selling your registered vehicle unless you are selling to a car dealer. Inspection fees for a safety certificate in QLD are set, with the fee for motor vehicles up to 4,500kg GVM being $92.90, and for motorcycles, $59.75 as of 1 July 2023.

When a Safety Certificate is Not Needed

Selling an unregistered vehicle or trading between licensed motor dealers does not require a safety certificate. Also, certain exemptions apply, such as vehicles sold in remote areas or between spouses.

Steps for Selling a Registered Vehicle in Queensland

  1. Prepare Your Vehicle: Ensure it's in a safe and legal condition. Decide whether to repair any defects, sell it unregistered, or obtain a safety certificate.
  2. Notify of Sale: Use Queensland's online services to transfer the registration. The process involves the seller transferring the registration out of their name, followed by the buyer completing the transfer.
  3. Registration Transfer QLD: The registration must be transferred within 14 days of the sale. Sellers are responsible for providing the safety certificate to the new owner.
  4. Selling an Unregistered Vehicle: No inspection is required, but you may need an unregistered vehicle permit if moving it. Remember, selling your vehicle unregistered means de-registering it first.

Online Transfer Process in QLD

Transferring vehicle registration online is a simple process thanks to the services provided by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. This process ensures that both the seller and buyer can complete their respective responsibilities efficiently and correctly.

For Sellers

Step 1: Initiating the Transfer

  • Sellers must log into the Queensland Government's online service to start the transfer process.
  • The system requires the seller to fill out details about the sale, including the buyer's information and the sale date.
  • It's important to remove the vehicle from any direct debit registration payment plans to avoid charges post-sale.
  • Sellers need to ensure they have a current safety certificate, which must be provided to the buyer.

Step 2: Completing Seller's Part

  • After entering all necessary details, sellers submit the transfer online, effectively removing the vehicle from their name.
  • The seller must inform the buyer that the transfer has been initiated, enabling the buyer to complete their part of the process.

Note: The service does not allow transfers if the vehicle has personalised or custom plates attached, is registered to an organisation, or if it's being transferred to more than one person or to an organisation.

For Buyers

Step 1: Receiving Transfer Notification

  • Once the seller initiates the transfer, the buyer receives a notification (often via email) that the process has started and can now be completed by them.

Step 2: Finalising the Transfer

  • Buyers must log into the online service, where they'll complete the transfer by entering their details, including their Queensland driver license or customer reference number, and providing the necessary payment for transfer fees and vehicle registration duty, if eligible.
  • The system will prompt buyers to enter specific information about the vehicle, including odometer readings and the vehicle's intended use.

Step 3: Confirmation

  • Upon successful completion, both parties receive confirmation of the transfer. The vehicle is then officially registered in the buyer's name, and the seller's liability ends.

Eligibility and Limitations:

  • The online transfer is designed for straightforward cases where the vehicle is being transferred to one individual who has a Queensland driver's licence or customer reference number.
  • Not all registrations can be transferred online. Certain conditions, such as vehicles with a special interest registration, those fitted with gas systems, or vehicles subject to enforcement actions, require in-person transfers.

Vehicle Inspection QLD

For those selling a registered vehicle, a current safety certificate is essential. An Approved Inspection Station (AIS) is authorised to issue these certificates, ensuring your vehicle meets QLD's safety standards.


Selling a car in Queensland requires careful attention to the state's regulations regarding roadworthy certificates and vehicle inspection. By following the outlined steps for both registered and unregistered vehicle sales and utilising the online transfer car registration services, sellers can ensure a compliant and successful transaction.

Whether selling your car in QLD privately or to a dealer, understanding these processes simplifies the sale, ensuring you meet all legal obligations and provide a smooth transition for the new owner.

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